Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 2nd Annual Sports As Life College Football Bowlstravaganza

Yes folks, Cooper is back to wade through the unending mire of the college football bowl season; previewing all the highlights, lowlights and which games you should shovel your driveway during.

If We Make it Through December. Bowl Predictions Part 3 of 6? 7? 8?

“If we make it through December we’ll be fine”……Merle Haggard.

Well as of Sunday night I am a humiliating 4 – 7, pretty brutal I admit. Now that we get into the meat and potatoes of the schedule hopefully I will start predicting some of these game correctly. I did miss posting a pick for Sundays Independence Bowl in which Louisiana Tech defeated Northern Illinois. Naturally I would have gone with Louisiana Tech. You will note that now we are actually getting into matchups between teams who are not only ranked but have records better than .500.

December 29th:

PapaJohns.com Bowl: NC State (6-6) @ Rutgers (7-5)


Not bad

Do-able I guess

I’ll take NC State

Valero Alamo Bowl: #25 Missouri (9-4) @ #22 Northwestern

As far a cheerleaders go I have to pick Mizzou in this one. Northwestern I is too focused on “education” and “degrees” and “doctorates” to have the hot, drunk college females we all come here to see.

Mizzou to win

December 30th:

Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl: Maryland (7-5) @ Nevada (7-5)

A bowl sponsored by a chain of truckstops you say? That’s a big 10 – 4!


And you probably assumed I would link to some Smokey and the Bandit clip.

I’ll take Nevada

Texas Bowl: Western Michigan (9-3) @ Rice (9-3)

I believe Rice University used to be called West Texas A & M Tech until they had a grad by the name of Uncle Ben who had a successful business career and gave some generous donations to the school. They have since renamed the school after the man. True story honest! I heard it from a homeless drifter in the mall.

Rice to Win

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl: #13 Oklahoma St (9-3) @ #15 Oregon (9-3)

The Holiday Bowl reminds me of how I suck a video games NCAA 2004 had a classic games mode where you would have to try and relive classic moments in NCAA history. The 1980 Holiday Bowl featuring BYU vs SMU was one of those games which drove me insane in that I could never beat it. Believe it or not you have to lead BYU to a 20 point 4th quarter comeback with 2:33 left to play. Impossible, absolutely impossible. If there was not video evidence to prove otherwise I would say that this game never happened and is a myth created by EA sports to make my early 20’s a frustrating, anger filled time, well that and all that other stuff.

The Holiday Bowl Wikipedia

I’ll take Oklahoma St to win a high scoring affair.

Note I forgot to send this off Monday morning and have missed posting before the NC state – Rutgers game in which NC State won. The Mizzou – Northwestern game is currently ongoing
(Ed. Note - I didn't check my email Monday night, so you're getting it Tuesday morning)

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Correction, Rutgers actually defeated NC State, not the other way round like I had said