Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

(ED. NOTE - The editor is too tired to edit, so here's Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby in the raw)

Well well well, the playoffs are here and for some gone. Last week I suffered a defeat in the first round in my keeper league. I could blame it on Addai, Wayne, Gore & Romo who didn’t perform or I can say if I sat romo for shaun hill, or played deangelo hall instead of coleman. I was averaging 105 pnts per week, last week 75 and only lost by 5.5. It was a rough loss but I’m still in all the other leagues..hopefully going to the final round in my espn league and winning the big one this weekend (16 teams $120/team…big prize).

I try not to look at this point of the game what my matchups are and what the opponents are. As far as your own team this should have been done before the trade deadline and if you didn’t like it something should have been done back then. Now there’s nothing to do and last week was an example of match-ups being deceiving. By match-ups I was getting blown out: Addai vs cincy, warner vs rams, colston vs atla, cotchery vs SF. Meanwhile I had westbrook vs NY (less than 50 yds first time they played), deangelo vs TB, Andre vs GB, Rivers vs Oak. The game in the end wasn’t even close 150 – 40 (rounded) for this guy. Pretty much all of his players did the bare minimum, whereas I had huge performances. Who knew that TB was that bad against the run..suddenly the witten for stewart trade pays off.

People get in trouble when it’s playoff time, going with a mediocre player with a great matchup over a guy that is a proven star with just a so-so matchup, or a star who’s in a slump. Being burnt by sitting Steven Jackson in week 6 (whatever week he went off for 30 pnts), isn’t even comparable to losing in the playoffs with him on the bench and producing. So am I going to sit Andre Johnson cause he plays against tennesee for koren robinson who gets the rams…NO. Yeah robinson could have a big game but trust me you won’t be kicking yourself because you didn’t start a #3 wr for your top guy..pissed of yes but it’s about giving yourself the best opportunity. If you like risks then play the match-ups but it’s not for me.

So to write something I looked at the match-ups this week and saw that in 3 leagues I have 3 of the same players playing this week. 2 have great match-ups 1 an alright match-up. Westbrook, and indy defense could get me 50 pnts, then the 3rd is andre. If mcnab decides that he wants to throw 70 times this week..I’m screwed or if Indy overlooks the lions I could be done. Also in 2 leagues I’m playing against teams with the pitts defense and chris Johnson (good thing Lendal probably won’t play).

If your looking for some advice short and by game. Again no pictures cause I’m tired and sore from boarding in louise and still have to go shovel the 20 cm of snow we got last night.

TB – ATL : Sit-Turner the Burner and Matt Ryan, Garcia
Start- Roddy White, Bryant

Was – Cincy : Start – Portis, Moss, Housh

Ten – Houston : Sit – Schaub
Start – Gage

GB – Jags: Start – Rodgers, MJD
Sit – Garrard

Sf – Miami: Sit- Ronnie, Foster (If he’s a starter)
Start – Pennington, Bruce

Seattle – Rmas: Start – Branch, Morris, Jacson, Bulger

Buff- NYJ : Start- Favre, Jones
Sit – lynch, Evans

SD- KC : Start Thigpen, Rivers, LT
Sit – LJ

Detroit- Indy: Start – Any Indy offensive player
Sit – Calvin Johnson

Minny – Arzizona: Start- AP
Sit – Warner, any Arz rb. ( I’m saying sit warner cause though he will throw for 200+ yds and 2-3 Td’s I see turnovers, he’s also likely better than most #2 qb’s out there so ….

Pitts – Baltimore : I’d start no one here

Denver – Carolina : Start – Carolina rb’s, Cutler, Marshall
Sit – Delhomme

NE – Oakland: Sit – Cassel
Start – Morris

NYG – Dallas : Sit – Choice (I’m assuming Barber’s out), Eli
Start – Romo, Owens

Browns – Philly : Start- Mcnab

No real stretches out there but one thing I did just remember. It came to me when I was writing the Dallas game, and that was Jerry calling out Marian the Barbarian and I am glad he did. I know it doesn’t look good, but your team needs you . Challenging a guys toughness is ideal but jerry and the fans see the qb trying to play with a broken finger, the year before a wr with a broken thumb, then a guy with a dislocated toe and he’s out for the most important games???

With Marian out though there is a terrible trend that just serves as a reminder that you can know everything and say this is a skill, but like poker there’s luck involved. This week the following rb’s are likely out. Addai, Gore, Marian, Jacobs, Lendal. There’s also a host that have already been injured and out or that are banged up and may not finish the game. All of the guys listed though could have been #1 rb on someones team.

It’s luck when you’re the #5 in the draft you want addai, but the guy in the 4 spot takes him and leaves you with Westbrook. At the time your like oh well he’s still good. Then he gets hurt midway, you stick with him though and now he’s one of the top players down the stretch meanwhile that guy who took addai..probably out of the playoffs.

Good luck to all in the playoffs except for the editor. No even to him, though if you win I want it to be because Boldin gets those 7 Td’s, and not because of huge performances by Chris or Pitts.


Napoleon in Rags said...

Have no fear - I got huge performances from absolutely nobody and I'll be whimpering quietly into the offseason.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the teams with the best records during the regular season are going to square off for the big payday.

What was the big payday by the way?


Napoleon in Rags said...

The satisfaction of a job well done.

Anonymous said...

Nice, but it won't pay the bills.