Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The 2nd Annual Sports As Life College Football Bowlstravaganza

Yes folks, Cooper is back to wade through the unending mire of the college football bowl season; previewing all the highlights, lowlights and which games you should shovel your driveway during.

If We Make it Through December. Bowl Predictions Part 2 of 6? 7? 8?

“If we make it through December we’ll be fine”……Merle Haggard.

Well as of Wednesday afternoon I am 1 – 5 so far in my picks for the bowl season. I blame my lousy record on the fact that I was not able to actually sit down and watch any game as of yet. When asked if you would like to either stay at home and watch the EagleBank bowl or do the Christmas gauntlet of Toys R Us, Walmart and Costco, choose wisely and stay home and watch some mediocre football. Serenity Now!

December 24th:

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl: Notre Dame (6-6) @ Hawaii (7-6)

Really Notre Dame gets a bowl game? Are you shitting me? The only productive thing Notre Dame seemed to do this year was the “unintentional” maiming of head coach Charlie Weiss

(Ed. Note - Now that is funny!)

I’ll take Hawaii at home

December 26th:

Motor City Bowl: Florida Atlantic (6-6) @ Central Michigan (8-4)

The Owls vs the Chippewas. If anyone can provide anymore insight to this game than that, please feel free to submit.

Central Michigan to win

December 27th:

Meineke Car Care Bowl: West Virginia (8-4) @ North Carolina (8-4)

Seriously, $18.93 for a muffler install? How can Meineke possibly afford to sponsor this game year after year?

West Virginia

Champs Sports Bowl: Wisconsin (7-5) @ Florida St (8-4)

TH, from what I can tell Florida St is the first place we should go to check out a game. However, with such nice scenery in stadium I would miss most of the game.

Florida St to win.

Emerald Bowl: Miami (7-5) @ California (8-4)

Anyone got any last minute gift ideas on what to buy your spouse at 2 in the afternoon… Christmas eve?
(Ed. Note - I hear Meineke has a pretty good deal on mufflers)

I’ll take Cali to win

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