Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've Been Through the Desert on a Post With No Name

It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name

(Rip off Neil Young much?)

Oakland 10 @ Baltimore 29 – Don’t look now, but Baltimore is 4-3 and only one game back of Pittsburgh in the AFC North. They’re one serious injury to Ben Roethlisberger away from winning that division.

Arizona 23 @ Carolina 27 – What day is it, October 29? Yup that sounds about right for Arizona to start collapsing. Huge game for them this weekend in St. Louis.

Tampa Bay 9 @ Dallas 13 – What a disgrace of a football game this was. Brad Johnson should no longer be allowed to step on a football field, unless he’s sweeping the field after the game.

Washington 25 @ Detroit 17 – This game was close for awhile and I had my hopes up. But alas, the Lions fall again. Maybe Daunte’s Inferno is going to be the answer

Buffalo 16 @ Miami 25 – What the crap is going on in this division? The stage is continually being set for New England to walk away with this division again.

St. Louis 16 @ New England 23 –Sigh, this is going to stop at some point isn’t it?

San Diego 32 @ New Orleans 37 – I’m not buying it New Orleans, I can’t... don’t make me care about you again!!!!!!!

Kansas City 24 @ NY Jets 28 – DO NOT BE FOOLED, GOOD READER! The Chiefs have not turned a corner, there is no joy in the Show Me State, Tyler Thigpen is not a viable NFL quarterback. They ran a spread offence that the Jets had not prepared for and still lost - and Brett Favre was doing those Brett Favre things, ie: throwing 3 interceptions and leading his team on a 4th quarter game-winning drive. If it seems like I’m rooting for the Chiefs to lose, it’s because I mostly am. That top pick is the only thing keeping me hanging on at this point (yes, I will settle for top three). Suffice it to say, if you see a car with a Chiefs vanity plate on the front careening around the streets of Regina, stay away – I’m dangerously unstable. At least I didn’t invest in that Glenn Dorsey jersey.

Atlanta 14 @ Philadelphia 27 – Donovan, you’ve got a receiver named Kevin Curtis. How about throwing to him every once and awhile, ok? White lightning!!

Cleveland 23 @ Jacksonville 17 – This is usually how pre-season Super Bowl predictions turn out isn’t it? I’m not sure why people even bother.

Cincinnati 6 @ Houston 35 – That Cincinnati/Kansas City game on the last weekend of the season is starting to loom large as the First Overall Draft Pick to the Team That Loses Championship of the World.

NY Giants 21 @ Pittsburgh 14 – So it’s the old, “Your backup long-snapper is your starting defensive end,” play eh? Well played.

Seattle 34 @ San Francisco 13 – No discipline and no effort make Mike Singletary something-something.

Go crazy?

Don’t mind if I do!

Indianapolis 21 @ Tennessee 31 – Thanks to a strong second half from Chris Johnson and some modest effort from Bo Scaife, I was able to scrape out a 2.2 point fantasy victory. I yell at my TV too much.

Ok, because I feel bad about posting that lame rip-off of a song at the beginning - here's a song from the 70's that does not suck. Everyone knows real rock and roll stars play the flute.

That song makes me want to rob a bank - I'm not sure why.

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