Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coach Cooper Hates Your Team

It appears that Cooper has made his way back from the wilderness and is here to ponder the questions that have vexed man since the dawn of time - namely, how exactly does one tie a noose?

Well I am finally back in the land known as hell after my 10-day stay at fantasy camp. A fantasy camp without Microsoft word on the staff computer, but still a fantasy camp nonetheless. Before I get to this weekend's picks I must apologize for my pick of Mizzou over Texas. After Colt McCoy made the game 28 – 0 for Texas the phrase “I thought the Generals were due” passed my lips no less than 8 times. So for that lousy pick please accept my sincere apologies and let me restate, I thought the Generals were due!

After spending some time in the north forgive me if I over estimate the attractiveness of some of the co-eds that I find this week.

#2 Alabama (7-0) @ Tennessee (3-4): Alabama ranked 2nd in the nation behind Texas rolls into Knoxville to face a disappointing Volunteer team. I have read that this southern belle attended the University of Alabama.

(ED. NOTE - Now how does that have anything to do with Alabama football)

The disappointment of Tennessee this year can be summed up with Pat Summitt and one of her lady Vols.

I’ll take Alabama to win.

#23 Boston College (5-1) @ N. Carolina (5-2): Well Boston College comes into this game represented by these

While the Tar Heals counter with this group

A tough decision yes, but I will have to go with Boston College

#8 Texas Tech (7-0) @ #19 Kansas (5-2): Texas Tech comes into this game with one of the nations best offenses, powered by Graham Harrell, Michael Crabtree and the Texas Tech Swim team

The Jayhawks on the other hand have home field advantage and a little thing called the Mangino factor

Even though I am pulled towards picking Kansas, undoubtedly due to Mangino’s own gravitational pull I am still going to go with Texas Tech.

#9 Georgia (6-1) @ #11 LSU (5-1):Both these teams have been featured numerous times before so it is getting to be slim pickins on quality coeds to post for each school.

Yet again the University of Georgia’s coed body is represented by these two fine ladies

While LSU is represented with the following trio

I will have to go with LSU in this one as well as go get me some rollerblades

And finally this week's Brown Bag Special. Beneath the cover of the brown bag this week is the match up between the Minnesota Golden Gophers and the Purdue Boilermakers.

#25 Minnesota (6-1) @ Purdue (2-5): When we peer inside the brown bag this week we can see the Minnesota is represented by this supposed pack of stampeding elephants

And Purdue is represented by them

The decision here is similar to the choice one would make when confronted with a shark. Do you a) Swim away from the shark to save your life. Or b) Swim headfirst into the shark accepting that all hope is lost.

At present time I would have to go with plan b) Just give up and aim right for the shark.

I will take Minnesota to win

So if you will excuse me I should be getting back to reality, picking up some sports selects, putting up my feet and enjoying some college football. Hey look a length of rope.

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