Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

So last week I picked things up a bit going 6 / 10 for starts and 7 / 9 for sits. Big hits were sitting Antonio Bryant and Mendenhall. Also starting Perry or Ocho Cinco. Big misses... who knew that Bowe wouldn’t put up numbers or that LenDale ‘marshmellow’ White would get 13 yrds rushing but 1 TD.

As I was back in Regina spreading the news about Trebor junior, I was told that I need pictures... so the format has changed. I’m not going to post pictures of cheerleaders... though I’m thinking pics of players wives could be a good way to pick??? Instead I’ll try and find pics that have something to do with an NFL team and then pick players from that team’s matchup on Sunday.

So this is Kendra..

She’s from the quality show - Girls Next Door. She’s dating Hef, but apparently is engaged to Hank ‘drop it in my’ Basket. There’s the loose connection.

This week Philly plays Washington. So my sits would be Campbell, as he will see a ton of pressure. Also Buckhalter since Westbrook might play. Won't know until 5 minutes before game, but even if Westbrook is out, Buckhalter has minimal value and better rb’s can be found. For starters, give Reggie Brown the nod this week, he’s back from his injury and should get a lot of balls thrown his way.

Don’t you wish that you could wear whatever you wanted with the fact that no one could say anything to you… case in point.

Guess what, this guy plays on the defensive line. I know you were probably thinking corner, but yeah DL. He used to play for the Saints but now he just sits at the Crab Shack eating Crabbie Patties.

So in the game NO vs Minny. Start Ferotte, not sure who he throws to but he can put up numbers. Then on the other side start Robert Meacham or Lance Moore, the first won't get a lot of receptions but is targeted in the red zone so both are good #3 wr’s.

Because Youtube is blocked at work and my home comp sucks I’m hoping editor can post this hit.

(ED. NOTE - Ask and ye shall receive)

Not a good one if you don’t like seeing people get hurt, but the videos I can watch on the web are mostly skaters and bikers and guess what they’re doing? The hit makes you cringe definitely and your not going to laugh like when the biker mis-times his jump and hilarity and blood ensues. Anyway, in Arizona Warner had 6 turnovers last week, I’d be a bit worried since Buffalo is looking really good this year. I wouldn’t run and start Breaston if Boldin doesn’t play. I don’t see this being a high scoring game. Gotta sit Edge this week, he get’s no TD's and that’s what counts. I’d also sit Edwards this week, his numbers against the Rams kinda sucked and this week Arizona gets Adrian Wilson back. In my IDP league he’s been a must start for the last 2 weeks so with him back the secondary gets a lot better.

How can I have loosely related pics without a pic of my girl... sweet sweet Jessica.

So this week she’s out shopping for engagement rings. I see this as a great move by Romo, when your getting blitzed with ‘when are we gonna get married’, ‘did you see my sisters ring’, ‘no more putting out until were engaged’, what do you do. If you drop back too much you’ll be under too much pressure and might cave or worse yet drop the ball and whoops, you got 9 months to get married now. You can run but that is only so good. So what you do is lull them in, make them think they’ve got you then hit them with the screen pass... birthday present – fishing pole, Christmas – fake promise ring (what was I thinking).

Oh yeah, weekend pics... Ocho cinco did as I predicted get his first TD last week. This week he’s back on the bench along with the rest of the Bengals, Dallas is mad and Cincy doesn’t have a qb. After TO had his vent session you gotta believe he’ll see some balls thrown his way, but what about this Miles Austin guy? He’s a start in deeper leagues for sure.

And this picture is just too good not to post.

Photo from

The Raiders after starting the week off on a high they inevitably falter in the last quarter and end up losing going into the bye week. The offensive coordinator is then put on notice, and told any day your going to get fired and I’ll drink your blood.

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Napoleon in Rags said...

Does Tim Hasselbeck still play football? No? Well... they I've lost interest in seeing player's wives.

Oh and just so you know, the Sports As Life health plan sucks. Like, it is criminally bad. Definitely no paternity leave.