Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Predict a Riot - Week 6 in the NFL

It’s the Take Me to the Riot Edition

CHICAGO @ ATLANTA: Did you know that Michael Turner is the leading rusher in the NFL? Did you also know that LaDanian Tomlinson is 13th in rushing? I think it’s safe to say there will a new #1 pick next year in fantasy drafts around the world. LDT might still be a top 3 pick next year but, depending on how the rest of this season plays out, I don’t think he’s going to be the consensus #1 again. We’ll have to get Trebor to weigh in on this, but if you had the #1 pick, who do you take? I suppose it’s Adrian Peterson. LDT might have jumped the shark, Brian Westbrook seems to be comprised of tin foil and dry turkey bones and Tom Brady is coming off major knee surgery. I think it’s a pretty interesting discussion and one I’m prepared to start having – it’s sure better than talking about a game between the Bears and Falcons anyway. A guy who I think has top 3 potential next year is Clinton Portis – why not him? He’s durable and he’s an undisputed #1 back, which is hard to come by these days. Here’s one more bold prediction: Matt Forte is a top 10 pick next year.
Winner: Chicago

CAROLINA @ TAMPA BAY: Wow, can I please continue the fantasy football discussion? I have nothing interesting to say about either one of these teams. I will say I’m surprised at how well Jake Delhomme is playing. For a guy with a newly reconstructed elbow he’s not doing too badly. He’s not lighting it up by any means but I thought he would start really slowly and come on later in the year. Maybe it’ll be just the opposite and he’ll fade down the stretch. You know, now that I’m thinking about it, I almost hope this game is on TV this weekend – it’s for the division lead and might not be all that bad of a game.
Winner: Tampa Bay

ST LOUIS @ WASHINGTON: It’s a Jim Jam of the highest order – Jim Zorn vs. Jim Haslett. I… I apologize, that might have been the worst thing I’ve ever written. Nothing will make up for it, except this…

Me’sa so sorry. Me’sa neber do it again.

So Jim Haslett is going to right the ship in St. Louise eh? *cough* Aaron Brooks *cough* He’s been the defensive coordinator for the Rams for the past couple seasons and how has that gone? How many points did they give up in Week 1? 38, that’s how many – and 41 in week 2. The only cure for this situation is more backward passes
Winner: Washington

CINCINNATI @ NY JETS: I would not be surprised in the least to see the Jets lose this game. Of course I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bengals lose by 40 either. Brett Favre has the highest passer rating in the NFL, any bets on how long that’s going to last
Winner: New York

BALTIMORE @ INDIANAPOLIS: Oh my goodness, the Colts just won’t go away. They could legitimately be 0-4, at least 1-3 if not for Hurricane Rosenfels last weekend. I have a feeling that Baltimore’s defence is going to kick Indianapolis in the teeth this weekend… at least I hope so. The only that would make this game interesting to me is if Marvin Harrison and Ray Lewis got together at mid-field and discussed whether stabbing or shooting was the best way to off somebody.
Winner: Baltimore

DETROIT @ MINNESOTA: It’s going to be interesting to see if we can have 3 win less teams in the NFL this season. I know there are 4 at the moment, but at least Houston has been in their last two games. Yes you could say that about Cincinnati too, but I think they’re finished – that loss last weekend took the life out of them. But Detroit and St. Louis are genuinely terrible teams and now Jon Kitna might be out for this weekend’s game. Dang it Kansas City, why’d you have to win a game? Now you’re probably out of the running for the #1 overall pick.
Winner: Minnesota

OAKLAND @ NEW ORLEANS: Ummmm... take the over. There probably won’t be a whole lot of defence played in this game. This will be Tom Cable’s first game as interim head coach of the Raiders and it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes before Count Al is feasting on Cable’s delicious, life-giving blood.
Winner: New Orleans

MIAMI @ HOUSTON: Pretty soon the only play Miami is going to run is the Wildcat. They’ll probably line Ronnie Brown up behind center about 137 times this weekend. Although if Hurricane Rosenfels plays again this weekend Miami won’t even have to score on offence to beat the Texans by about 21.
Winner: Miami

JACKSONVILLE @ DENVER: You know Carolina was the trendy preseason Super Bowl pick over the last couple years? That’s you this year Jacksonville – and you’re going to end up about the same 7-9 and out of the playoffs.
Winner: Denver

DALLAS @ ARIZONA: Storm’s a brewin’ in Dallas – T.O.’s weeping on the sidelines, Pacman’s breaking the law again, Romo seems to be regressing. It’s going to be a mighty fine thing to just stand back and watch. Could you imagine what would happen if they lose to Arizona and St. Louis in back-to-back weeks? Jerry Jones would shed his skin, assume his true serpentine form and devour the entire earth.

Winner: Dallas

GREEN BAY @ SEATTLE: It’s the Holmgren bowl! Free mustaches for the victorious team’s fans.

Winner: Green Bay

PHILADELPHIA @ SAN FRANCISCO: You can go ahead and make up something to say about this game – I have nothing.
Winner: Philadelphia

NEW ENGLAND @ SAN DIEGO: Could someone else just go ahead and beat New England please. I know it probably won’t be you San Diego, but I just thought I’d ask anyway.
Winner: New England

NY GIANTS @ CLEVELAND: These two teams played each other in the preseason and I think the Giants were up 34-0 at the end of the first quarter. I don’t it’ll be quite that bad this time, but it’ll be close. Thank goodness for Cleveland they get to play Cincinnati twice this season, otherwise they might be on that list of teams to go win less. I’ve never been so happy to have been right about a team.

Winner: New York

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Fantasy, I'm quite happy that I have the worst luck in the world and picked 7th this year. Saves tons of embarrasement given what has transpired with LT, AP, TB, et al.

I think Reggie Bush should also be considered top 3 material next year given his stats in the first 5 weeks of the season. OK, I'm slightly biased cause I've got him and he was the difference between victory and defeat for me last Monday night.