Saturday, October 11, 2008

Coach Cooper Hates Your Team

Sadly, due to time restraints I will have to fore go any in-depth analysis of this weekends prime college football games. Last week I went 4 – 1, bringing my season total to 12 – 8. I was fortunate to win a sweet $220.00 on a $2.00 Proline on Saturday, having picked the tie for Vanderbilt - Auburn, as well as the Florida St – Miami game. Sorry TH, no 360 yet. A fool is the man who brags to his spouse about his lofty Pro-Line gains. Hopefully, I can get enough cash this weekend to get that 360. On to the picks.

(ED. NOTE - Since Cooper is busy and I'm currently laying on my couch, I'll pitch in and see what sort of questionable pictures the internets can produce today.)

#2 Oklahoma (5 – 0) @ #5 Texas (5 – 0): I will take the Sooners in this one, even though I am reminded every time this game comes around of a little Texas saying about how you can’t spell c********r without OU. I am sure there are plenty coeds who partake at both schools.

South Carolina (4 - 2) @ Kentucky (4 - 1): In an inept offensive game I will take Kentucky to win. Playing the tie would be a prudent idea.

#23 Michigan St (5 – 1) @ Northwestern (5 – 0): I will take the State in this one.

Tennessee (2 – 3) @ #10 Georgia (4 – 1): I will take Georgia to win and cover the – 12.5

And here is my Brown Bagger for the week:

#13 Vanderbilt (5 – 0) @ Mississippi St (1 – 4): In another low scoring game I will take Mississippi St to win. Play the tie the whole way.

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