Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

Well the question came up who would be #1 if the draft was held now… of which I don’t want to talk about because I have that said running back made of tin foil and turkey bones in 2 leagues. When he plays he’s #1 back, but he’ll be out the next 2 games which means only playing 3 out of 7 so not helping anyone out. As I’ve said before it depends on the league… if your in a points per reception league Reggie Bush and Gore get a boost. Some leagues don’t give you points for return TD’s (majority), but some do. In my one league I have Wayne, TJ, and Jennings... sounds like a good trio, but Higgins for Oakland is my #2 wr because of return yards, in any other league he’s not even picked up off the waiver.

In a draft today, LT and AP are probably still taken in the top 5 even though they may not deserve to be, but they are capable of huge things. Portis should be up there to, but the division he plays in would scare people from taking him as the top guy.

Reggie Bush, yeah another top back. The guys who picked him up early (1st round) and were laughed at during the draft are laughing now, but without the return td’s I don’t think he a top rb, maybe top 10 but with return yards or td’s... yeah at this point a top 3.

Turner though he’s the top guy right now, I wouldn’t be taking him as #1, probably not in the top #5. He’s got more than half his yards and 5/6 td’s playing against Detroit and the Chiefs. For those reasons I’m not taking him in the top.

My 5 right now would probably be Portis, Barber, Gore, AP, LT. Westbrook might still make it in despite his injuries. If you believe after week 7 he’ll be good, which he should be as far as ribs and ankle is concerned, then he moves up to #1 probably. On the bubble is Bush, Lynch, Forte.

Alright so onto the picks. Last week went alright. It was the receivers that killed me, though Reggie Brown did get 84 yards… that might be #3 wr material but I’ll call that a lose. Brees got eaten by the purple people eaters (Moore and Meacham were terrible). Trent Edwards may have proved me wrong but got hurt in the first quarter so if you sat him good for you... (I see the Jim Jams went against the advice and got .72 points for the week… tisk tisk)

Now some might say sure you did, but because of time and lack of pics I didn’t put the Carolina game in last week. LJ would have been the sit, who knew that bad, but Carolina had previously played against LT, Adrian and forte…no 100 yrd rushers no td’s. Some of you may have noticed I picked up and played Carolina's defense for that reason last week.

On to this week…

This is Reggie Bush’s gal, Kim Kardashian. I wonder what he sees in her ????? Anyway the Saints play Oaktown. Oakland is coming off a bye which means they could win this game and that is scary but as The Editor said, New Orleans is the worst talented team. Huggy Bear Jr. will be starting this week so he’s a good start, and I’ll go again with Meacham. I would sit Henderson he’s a burner. He plays good one week, people get excited then he does nothing for a couple, he gets dropped and then he’ll have a breakout game again… I got fooled once but from now on I won't pay any attention to him.

The size of grapefruits. No further comments. Other than he probably will not be playing this week so start another TE. Since we started with if the draft was held now… do you think he’d still be #2 TE. Maybe still in top 10 but not very good. It’s a bad matchup for the Browns, I really want to say start Anderson but. If Winslow is out, who’s Anderson going to throw to? Add that to Jamal doing nothing. I will go out on a limb with Braylon though… he took the bye week and learned how to catch again so things should be good. On the other side Eli and Jacobs are must star and even the Toomer.

So the Redskins are doing not bad... Cooley finally had his breakout game and this week look for that to continue cause they get every team's whipping boy… the Rams. So start any offensive player - Randel El start, Campbell start. I actually can't think of anyone on either side I’d sit. Steven Jackson and holt should do good. If anyone I’d sit Bulger. Taylor will two-step past the O-line and mamba the bulge all day.

Travis Henry won't be playing ever again but he was with the Broncos last so some connection... Denver plays the Jags and this could be another real boring game. I have never watched an exciting Jags game and doubt I ever will in the near future. Fragile ‘no more’ Fred should see lots of action, as well as MJD. I think Garrard could have a big game just cause it’s Denver but he’s struggled bad this year so show him to the bench. Marshall finally came back down to earth but don’t sit him -he’s good for a td this week. The running backs, sit for sure… Pittman I believe will be the starter so that’s an indication that they won't do that well. Stokley might see more action because of the Scheffler injury but I wouldn’t start him this week. 1 good game doesn’t warrant a trip to the starting line up.

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