Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

Ed. Note - Trebor has called in sick this week too. Not that I can complain, we pay very, very... very poorly here at Sports As Life. But he did send in this little bit of sage wisdom for all you people living in the fantasy world.

If you're looking at your rosters and you only have 1 QB... your team might be in trouble. Not sure what it is this year but first Brady, then Palmer (likely out for season), Vince Young gone, Hasselbeck's back, Rodgers might be out, Romo is out, Shaub missed a game, Big Ben is going to miss a game eventually, Kitna is gone, Trent Edwards concussed, KC's qb's (not sure who they are but they must be hurt...), TB, St. Louis and Minny have had different starters - and up until last week Anderson looked like he'd be riding the pine. Have I forgot anyone?? Probably but I'm making sure any of my teams have a competent back up or at least 2 serviceable qb's cause you never know when that grocery bagger will pick up the fumblitis again and be booed out of Arizona, or maybe he'll eat too many Oreo cookies, or get eaten by an alligator.

Oh yeah with LJ being suspended don't go out and get Jamaal or kolby, they play the Titans and yes they could have a good game but chances are KC gets shut out again.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm definately glad i didn't take teh under as you suggested in the Chicago/Minnesota game.

Joe the plumber isn't a plumber? Don't know how that slipped past my newswatching. What a dirtbag.

And I think this came up last year during a debate on Rider fans, but I really do think there is a small minority of rider fans who give us a bad name in other stadiums. That statement in itself is common sense, but what I maen is a small minority of rider fans who are worse than all other team's small minority of bad fans. Most people at visiting stadiums are drunk and having a good time, which there isn't a problem with, but you do not see that kind of hooliganism from Calgarians or winnipeggers here. Sure they smell, but they don't throw things without being provoked or cuss loudly in front of children. I've been embarrassed every time i've seen them play in an opposing stadium, which is kinda sad.


Napoleon in Rags said...

Holy crap was I ever wrong about the Chicago/Minnesota game. How did that even happen? Games like that make me rethink my decision to become a professional gambler.

I wonder if the Rider fan thing would ever get to the point where they're banned from opposing stadiums - like English soccer fans occasionally are. Obviously an extreme example, and we're nowhere near that now - but I still think it's something interesting to think about.