Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

Well I’m going to try to get back into things. Last week I just wrote a bit about beefing up your qb situation, and though no one got hurt, some might say Brees losing his #1 option in Bush is a big deal. You have to believe one more performance like the one Anderson had will find him on the bench, and with Cleveland going agaisnt a rested Jags defense… a new Brady bunch in the NFL?? Then there’s Brad Johnson, not sure why it happens but when the qb goes down teams sometimes fall to pieces for the first game, not sure why Romo affected their run defense but?? Another guy this week that was one of my sleeper picks that might be in for some trouble Garrard… Cleveland pass def is not that bad and Garrard is not at his best and likely missing 2 wr’s with Matt Jones getting suspended.

Right now in most leagues trades are becoming a big thing, guys at the top are looking for better depth, guys in the middle are looking for a deal that will get them into the playoffs. At this point you have to forget names: Harrison, LJ, Peyton, Holt…etc. People who have them will try to sell you on them but look at the numbers and more importantly look ahead.

LT could have been one of my names to not to get sold on. However, look at his schedule… KC twice, Oaktown, Atl, Indy and Denver. Each one of those games he could easily get 100+ yards and 1-2 TD’s. Then you have Brandon Jacobs… look at his last matchups.. Wash, Phil, Dallas, Car, Minny. Not the best matchups for a RB.

Anyways on to the week ahead

I’ll leave you guessing about that one till the end.

I really didn’t want to touch this game with any kind of bet be it over/under, spread, fantasy picks. But the game is in London and well I did just see this episode so.

The problem is which teams show up, does Colston the #1 wr actually get a catch? Do Rivers and Brees the 2 top qb’s in the league light it up or dial it in? I really have no clue and have flipped around this many times, after writing I’ll change again. SD has put up stinkers this season, but they have come back with good games… N.O.?? We don’t know they’ve lost but never like that. People may blame it on Bush being out, but last year without Vush and McCalister, Brees put up multiple 300+ yards and at least 2 td’s in 3 of his past 4 games… he likes to throw. So for that reason start the wr’s for NO, on the other side LT I think will have finally have a good game, though Rivers…he’s kind of in a funk and with Chambers likely out, if you have a good second option go with it. I’d proably sit McCalister just cause it will be an air show, and his whole steroid thing coming out may become an issue.

This is a picture of TE Todd Yoder’s injury looks painful and I’m sure it is. He suffered this during last week’s game trying to get down field on a punt and make a tackle.

So Lions and Redskins. Should be a pretty one sideded game and yeah that’s it no counter argument. Calvin Johnson could be the interesting point… He put up good numbers last week, but if I had him I’d be trying to get rid of him. They played Houston and all of his points came on one 96 yd play, when the game was decided. Washington I have to believe is better defensively and yeah Calvin is a sit candidate, if you start 3 wr’s however…he’ll be a decent #3. Of course your going to start Portis and Santana, but look for Randel el to put up some numbers maybe even throw a touchdown. This week we’ll probably see a lot more of Alexander, not worth starting but if he does good he’ll be snapped up off the waiver wire pretty quickly.

Can you guess which guy in this picture is a current NFL running back.

Guy on the left is actually Eddie George, but anyway Marshmellow lit it up last week and this coming week they get the Colts, who are terrible against the run. I was hoping that Sanders was coming back, in fact I picked up Indy’s defense for that reason and in the league there’s only waiver pickups once a week so now I’m stuck with them. This game I still don’t think will be close, but I’m not the resident game picker. This will all be about Manning, so start any of his wr’s/te, even Rhodes is worth a start even though the Titans are top against the run. Because I think that Indy’s offense will come out blazing, The Titans won't be able to keep to their run game. Chris Johnson is still a start, but Lendal he might get a TD but I would consider him at best a #3rb this week. Kerry Collins or any of the wr’s whomever they are, are also a sit. I’m thinking this game is a blowout and only Indy players are worth starting, this week.

So the mystery women was Carmella DeCesare, 2004 Playboy playmate of the year. Love that name Cesare… anyways she’s married to a man Terry Bradshaw once called the ugliest guy in the NFL - Jeff Garcia. (ED. Note - I believe the correct term is 'beard' not 'wife') This week Tampa plays Dallas, I like the Cowboys but this is going to be a tough matchup. Johnson was horrible against the Rams last week, and he’s not going to have a bounce back game, Marian Barber is a start but don’t expect much from him. The only guy I might consider as a flier would be Roy Williams, he’s had 2 weeks with the offense and should know it by now. On the other side, Garcia is a start this week he’ll spread the ball around enough that no 1 wr will get all the looks, but if you have Antonio Bryant get him in your lineup. Earnest is a definite start but I’d hold back on Dunn, he really hasn’t done too much and there may be a Caddy appearance this week.

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