Friday, October 3, 2008

Coach Cooper Hates Your Team

I would like to thank the people who run Pro-line for not posting this Saturday’s games until 11 this morning, thus making these picks a little bit late. I went 2-3 last week but at least I got the Alabama upset right and if it wasn’t for Wisconsin blowing a 19 point lead in the last 20 minutes and Nebraska taking 2 back to back, 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalties on V-Tech’s last drive I would be 4 - 1. Woulda, shoulda, coulda I guess.

Before I get to this weeks picks here are some now infamous Youtube video’s of everybody’s favorite octogenarian college head coach Joe Paterno.

The first one is a commercial for the Big 10 network. I am not sure if Joe is showing intensity at the end or just shear desperation for someone to come to Penn State:

This one is a little long but things pick up at the 50-second mark:

I do believe that if he keeps up with this kind of intensity day in, day out he is going to have himself a massive stroke or at least a coronary.

Ok, on to this weeks games. There are no big name games this week like last week. In all honesty none of the games this weekend are appealing. Any one of them could be the Brown Bag Special of the week.

Stanford (3-2) @ Notre Dame (3-1): I really want to go with Stanford in this game. However, Notre Dame has burned me 3 times already this year so I am going with the Irish. Notre Dame’s performance last week lifted them from Brown Bag Special to something that you necessarily wouldn’t put a Brown Bag over, but you would still question your decision afterwards. Say something like these:

Florida St (3-1) @ Miami (FL) (2-2): Ten years ago the winner of this game would have almost been guaranteed a national championship. Now however, either one of these teams would be lucky to win their division, let alone their conference. Florida St has these:

And Miami counters with this:

I’ll take Florida St to cover and to win outright.

Kentucky (4-0) @ #2 Alabama (5-0): Roll Tide!

Even with this following pick I will still take the Tide!

That is really, really, really awful. An absolute atrocity! I can’t tell who is the elephant and who is the person. Can you?

Damn I just remembered that Ashley Judd is always at Kentucky games.

And this:

Wow hockey suddenly got more interesting all of a sudden.

It appeared this game would be a blowout until I remembered the Ashley Judd factor. It will be really close but I have to take Alabama to win.

#13 Auburn (4-1) @ #19 Vanderbilt (4-0): Ummmm……… I’ll take the Auburn Tigers in this one.

Vandy has this group of ruffians:

Auburn has this:

And now for the Brown Bag Special of the week.

Illinois (2-2) @ Michigan (2-2): I have to go with Illinois here. Michigan came back from a big deficit to defeat a national champ contender last week. However, Wisconsin just played the 2nd half of that game not to lose and didn’t convert on 6 Michigan first half turnovers. It was just a brutal, brutal game to watch. Illinois did lose to Penn State last week and they are looking like contenders to win it all this year after USC’s collapse. Oh and there is also the ugly factor. The worst I could dig up on Illinois was her:

Michigan unfortunately has her:

Like I said I will go with Illinois

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