Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coach Cooper Hates Your Team

Happy Halloween to all. Seeing how this is the weekend for fright and ghouls and all that jazz, and kids running around stuffing bags full of candy I have decided to do something a little different with this weeks picks. I have decided to pick what could turn out to be the worst games of the weekend. The most putrid teams that Pro-Line has decided to throw are way will be previewed here. God Forbid they would want to offer up the Texas @ Texas Tech game for us to bet on, instead they have offered up these nuggets of gold. So here they are 5 brown bag specials to stuff full of whatever you would like.

Michigan (2-6) @ Purdue (2–6): Hmmmm let’s see. Ah here we go:

And representing Purdue is

Frightening indeed.

I’ll go with the ladies from Michigan, as Jackie Moon would say “ugly as s**t”. But they have a canoe.

Miami(Fl) (5-3) @ Virginia (5-3): I am not even going to bother searching for ugmo’s at “The U” because they don’t exist. At the University of Virginia however it is a completely different story…..

Virginia gives “The U” a good old-fashioned ugly stick beat down

Auburn (4-4) @ Ole Miss (4-4): Ya this is the worst I could find for Auburn…not really frightening whatsoever…

When I think of Mississippi my thoughts immediately go to something like this

I assume that the only pre-requisite to get into Ole Miss is that you are short at least 3 major chromosomes and enjoy dressing up every Friday night in your finest white ghost costume from Halloween whilst burning lower case “t’s” on lawns. That’ll show those damn richers.

I’ll take Kent Austin and the Rebels to win. I assume there will be some celebratory "burnings" in the woods of Mississippi Saturday night.

Colorado (4-4) @ Texas A&M (3-5): The Buffaloes roam into College Station with this gloomy guss

And whatever the hell this is

Texas A&M counters with this. This picture came from a TAMU website that states she is indeed a grad of said school.

Her last name is Oliphant and she reads Dog Fancy magazine. How fitting. I am probably the only person in the world who finds that so amusing.

I’ll take the Buffaloes and what appears to be their Steven Hawking Love child to win.

Tennessee (3-5) @ So. Carolina (5-3): I was going to use another picture of Pat Summitt here to illustrate the hideousness of this year's Tennessee team, however I believe that reference has been driven into the ground. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the 2007 – 08 Lady Vols.

Can you say corn fed?

The Lady Vols are up against the Gamecock gnome

I’ll go with the gnome.

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