Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It Started Off as a Post With No Name, How Did it End Up Like This? How Did it End Up Like This?

NY Jets 26 @ Buffalo 17 – The Jets are like the smell that emanates from my kitchen drain pipes – every time I think it’s gone for good, it pops back up and ruins my day. Don’t look now but there’s a 3-way tie for the AFC East, and Miami’s only a game back.

Houston 21 @ Minnesota 28 – A Hurricane Rosenfels sighting! But even he wasn’t enough to bring down foundations of the Metrodome. Bridges however, he’s all over that:

Green Bay 16 @ Tennessee 19 – This is the type of game that gives the NFL a bad reputation to some. Low scoring, grind it out, beat the will to live out of your opponent football - but I love it. It’s better than watching 7 receivers running before the snap and then spreading out over 12 square miles of turf.

Arizona 34 @ St Louis 13 – Steven, when you say you’re healthy enough to play… play! Only 7 rushing attempts is not healthy enough to play. I hate you. Meanwhile, Arizona takes a stranglehold on their division and is actually a pretty impressive football team. Until Warner gets hurt that is.

Tampa Bay 30 @ Kansas City 27 – Kansas City: Finding New and Innovative ways to lose since 1993. This game was 21-3 for Kansas City in the 2nd quarter. Kansas City, it would seem, is improving – and I’d be lying if I said I was fully excited about that. I want to cheer for a competitive team, but they will never win anything with the current coach/GM combo. It’s a moral conundrum – I don’t want to cheer against my team, but I don’t want to cheer for the status quo either. I’ll shut up now.

Detroit 23 @ Chicago 27 – So close Detroit, so close. You’ll reach that unreachable dream eventually.

Baltimore 37 @ Cleveland 27 – It’s actually nice to see some rookie quarterbacks making an impact this year – both Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan. After the last few years of Alex Smith, JaMarcus Russell and Tavaris Jackson these two are a refreshing change.

Jacksonville 19 @ Cincinnati 21 – And a great cry went up from the banks of the mighty Ohio as the Cincy 11 finally knew the joy of victory. Say Fitzpatrick, their Irishman of a quarterback, “I went to Harvard, I deserve better than this.”

Miami 26 @ Denver 17 – So… 7 wins gets the AFC West? Chiefs and Raiders still mathematically alive with 3 combined wins.

Dallas 14 @ NY Giants 35 – The only thing more satisfying than watching the wheels come off in Big D, is the fact that I predicted this gong show before the season started. Hooray for me.

Philadelphia 26 @ Seattle 7 – Since I have nothing of any value to say about this game, I want to remind you why you love sports:

Atlanta 24 @ Oakland 0 – I mentioned Matt Ryan earlier, and speaking of quarterbacks – can you believe some of the garbage leading teams this season – Gus Ferotte, Brooks Bollinger, Brad Johnson, Seneca Wallace, JT O’Sullivan, Ryan Fitzpatrick. I realize most of those guys are only playing because of injury, but is it really so hard to find a backup with even a little talent?

New England 15 @ Indianapolis 18 – It’s looking like New England/Indianapolis is no longer a prime time matchup. They could have given this one an afternoon start and no one would have batted an eyelash. At least we don’t have to watch Cleveland 3 more times in prime time. What? (NOTE: Cleveland - now with 100% more Brady Quinn!)

Pittsburgh 23 @ Washington 6 – If you’re as sick of hearing about my fantasy team as I think you are, well… you’re probably pretty sick. But let me just say this – I love the Pittsburgh Steelers' defence as much as one man can love 11 other men. Perhaps I’ve said too much.

Everything going to plan I’m going to have a little mid-season review up sometime this week – and to all the fantasy people out there, don’t forget about the Thursday game this week!

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Trebor said...

when I saw KC up 24-3 I thought you might be booing, as they would be one step further from that #1 draft pick.

on a fantasy note since there was no post. I was spending all last week trying to deal Schaub and Andre, before they a) had to play on the road and b) had to play against a team with a defense. luckily I dealt schaub for Plaxico, andre I still have but he should od alright.

also at least jackson had some rushing yards think about the mcgahee owners out there, he's going to start turns into he's not going to take a step onto the field.