Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

Ed. Note - Apologies to Trebor for posting this late. At least this way, you can read his predictions against what actually happened and then fire away at him in the comments.

Well I took some time off from fantasy predictions for awhile as in all 5 leagues I was trying to make trades and improve my team for the stretch. In a couple leagues people not responding in time meant the trade deadline passed, in 2 leagues it was prior to the Thursday night game, but oh well.

This post will be suicide, it’s not the best move sure to backfire but hey whatever. In the 5 leagues I’m in there’s only 1 that I’m not confident of winning and that’s the one that I had to autopick. In the NFL.com, 2 yahoo’s and rtsports leagues I like the team I have and really like my chances.

In the NFL.com I picked up Reggie Bush as my #3 rb… the first two are Westbrook and Thomas Jones. Though some weeks I’ll sit the wrong guy... with those 3 I’m pretty happy. Warner is qb and as long as he stays healthy and doesn’t start fumbling I should be good.

In the Sports As Life pool, Warner is at the helm… actually in the 4 leagues I’m doing good Warner is involved. I may not be in the top as far as matchup record goes, but the points for is what I look at. Any week your guys can underperform and you lose a game you shouldn’t but, the avg points per week is indicative, being 100 points above is an average of 10 points per week. So even if one of the 3 running backs… Westbrook, Jacobs, or Jones gets nothing, should still win. Now with Dallas Clark and the easy Indy schedule down the road, all the positions are solid.

In the Keeper league I’m 3rd and 2nd in points, though maybe it’s cockiness I think I have the best team. I got to the top with Addai sitting on the bench for the last while, Greg Jennings and Wayne not doing much and room hurt. I’m not sure about Jennings turning things around but Addai and Wayne in case you still haven’t looked…look at the Indy schedule down the road, in every league I was trying to get Indy players.

In the big 16 team league… my team will be tied to Westbrook. I’m 2nd in points and though there are some good teams out there I’m fairly confident I’ll be playing the last week. If Westbrook gets hurt though, I’m done for. I was trying to trade for buckhalter, the deal would have been Andre Johnson, Plaxico, Chester taylor for Boldin, Galloway and Buckhalter. If this guy had a decent #2 wr, then yeah this trade wouldn’t happen but Galloway is his #2 so the deal would make sense, and he was going to accept but he forgot about the deadline… that bastard. Oh in case your wondering why Chester and Buckhalter would be owned this league has 16 teams and you can start 3 rb’s so every starter and every backup is on someone’s roster. This can be fun and irritating, as it’s hard when an injury happens on your team but fun in the fact that this is an active league with 1-2 trades per week.

So heading into the second half of the season with playoffs starting in a couple of weeks, this has been one of the best years, but anything can change. Like yesterday instead of chanting Hennnnnnn-riiiiiiiii it was more like Henri, Henri, Henri.

It was kind of odd going to a game not really wanting to cheer for either team, but did get to see that drunk rider fans aren’t the only ones that act stupid. A guy with his wife and kid was kicked out cause he was throwing seeds, peanuts, beer… it looked like he was going to throw his shoe one time too. Great example. I also did see a guy after getting in a fight take on a cop at the c-train. A crowd eventually came about, but I’m sure I heard the zzzzz.zzzzz of a taser, which I could have seen that.

Anyway to the picks.

So Brady’s noy playing but I think this week Cassell will have a Brady like performance and should be a start. Thomas Jones though some might not like against a tough run defense should do fine. For sits... go with Coles and Ben-e-green even though he’s got td’s in the past 4 games… Sammy Morris is coming back and too many personnel back there.

On the other side.

No comment about this one. But with the game. #1 offense against the #32 defense seems like a pretty easy one and I’m sure it will be. For Seattle though Hasselbeck might be back and who knows he may open things up. Koren Robinson has a bit of a td streak going and in deep league I am starting him. Julius would be a sit as they will probably be playing from behind. Lastly did you see what Hightower did last week against the 49’ers. About the same as Edge, so maybe its more about the system and not the back, I would consider sitting Hightower.

From beauty to … To beauty again.

She in fact a beauty queen, Miss 2007 District of Columbia, and she’s dating Jason campbell. This is a tough game, Romo is back and what is going to happen in Dallas... nobody knows. I think Romo can be started as he’s done really well against the Skins in past meetings. The last time they met Barber had a ridculuos stat of only 10 rushes or something like that, I think he gets more involved in the game along with Felix. This could be a blowout game, Portis is likely not to play and Betts is hurt so then it’s… Shaun Alexander??? Santana has big games against the Cowboys so he’s worth a start but no other Redskin as with the running game in question Campbell cant be trusted this week.

I return to …

There’s so many picture of Carmella on the net it’s amazing, hard to find respectable ones though. But since I don’t just want to post pics of girls…

Which is it alsott or alstott ??

The Bucs get Minny this week and this could be a really boring game. I don’t thnk Earnest Graham will do anything this week, but Garcia is great for the Minny defense. He’s a mobile quarterback who will run to the sides, which is what you have to do against Minny, so Garcia could throw for over 300 yards today, on of the Williams’s could also sit on him and break him?? The Minny side, the only thing I heard about Adrain last week was about his violation of wearing a white skull cap and why he wasn’t penalized for taking his helmet off. This week he’s not going to make any news, TB will set up for the run and make gus the chimney sweep beat them. I might even go so far as saying Chester Taylor could put up more points, as he gets dump passes and will get a fair amount of receiving yards. For WR’s on Minny go with Berrian, he should have a bounce back game after alst week’s poor performance.

No pic but or much to say about anyone else, but I am glad that my deals fell through for LT, last week should have been a break out game, not sure what’s wrong but something is. This week against the Pitt Def… if you have to start don’t expect much from him.


Napoleon in Rags said...

Jinx, jinx, jinx.

Anonymous said...

Hey wise Trebor,
So what would you do this weekend when you have Ronnie Brown, Warrick Dunn and Clinton Portis on the roster? Normally an easy decision, but with Brown playing new england whereas Dunn is vs Oaktown, not to mention Portis being pretty banged up, it's not a slamdunk decision.


trebor said...

Tough question....at least if it's 2 out of 3 I can get 1 right.

Dunn would be the top choice, he plays detroit this week a team that jsut gave up like 250 yards rushing and are really bad agisnt the run. Caddy might steal carries, but I'm actually looking at clifton to take on more of a role.

Brown...what to say, I'm sure in week 3 I would have said bench him then he went and got 5 Td's. He plays the same team this week a team that is supposed to be good against the rush but just let thomas jones get over 100 yrds. What I look at is Brown is in a time share role, looking at the past 2 weeks the carreis between him and williams is about equal. 2 weeks ago it was williams, last week it wa brown...this week? You also have to beleive that the wildcat offense wont work again but who knows...

Portis's health is a concern, but I don't hink you can sit him for brown. Seattle is not a good tema and he can post big numbers but the concern might be washington sitting him because of the easy game, or maybe sitting him early. You can watch the reports that come out, but i beleive last week he never practiced once yet still played.

It's a tough call but I would go with portis and dunn.