Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When There Are No Titles Left to Use, You Have to Give Your Post No Name

The alternate title for this one was going to be, "And All of That Time You Thought I Was Sad, I Was Trying to Give This Post a Name." It was a tough call.

Denver 34 @ Cleveland 30 - Despite his best efforts, Brady Quinn's first NFL win is still in the closet for another week.

New Orleans 20 @ Atlanta 34 - After weeks of fighting it, I'm on board with Atlanta. I think the Mike Vick fiasco left a bad taste in my mouth and I was wishing them ill but I'm over that. Plus, I'm starting to have a little man-crush on Matt Ryan. Speaking of Mike Vick, watch for a special Mike Vick feature later this week here on Sports As Life.

Tennessee 21 @ Chicago 14 - If you like watching one team with a total inability to run the ball, this was the game for you. Who knew that riding the arm of Kerry Collins was a recipe for success for Tennessee?

Jacksonville 38 @ Detroit 14 - It was a nice dream while it lasted. Oh Jacksonville, you had such a great opportunity - giving the league's two winless teams a win in back to back weeks. A chance like that comes around only once in a lifetime. At least people would have something to say about your team this year. This year's Jags team will be forgotten faster than t.A.T.u. That's right - and you thought you wiped that from your memory.

Baltimore 41 @ Houston 13 - How long has it been since the quarterbacks drafted in the first round weren't total flops? 4 years? I almost forgot that young quarterbacks could be good - I'm looking at you Alex Smith.

Seattle 19 @ Miami 21 - Who wants it less? C'mon.. who wants it less?

Green Bay 27 @ Minnesota 28 - Umm, was this the quietest 192 yards a player has ever rushed for? Maybe we're just so used to seeing this from Adrian Peterson that it's not a big deal anymore.

Buffalo 10 @ New England 20 - So this Buffalo thing is officially over eh? Well it was nice while it lasted. Having a non-competitive team will probably make it easier on the people of Buffalo when their team moves to Toronto.

St Louis 3 @ NY Jets 47 - There's a comedy bit that people used to think was funny. It went something like this, "You might be a redneck if..." Then the comedian would insert something that rednecks tend to do, and we'd be all like - "Hey, that's true - that is something a redneck would do. Hilarious, that guy should host a terrible TV game show." Anyway, I've got a new standard like that for the NFL, "You might be the worst team in the NFL if..." This week's installment is, "You might be the worst team in the NFL if you give up 47 points to the New York Jets."

Carolina 17 @ Oakland 6 - This was the worst game in the history of the NFL - trust me, I watched it. Hey Jake - why don't you go throw another interception you backwards, bayou born, inaccurate-throwing, cousin kissing, something or other. I lost my fantasy game by 0.20 points, is it obvious that I'm a little bitter about that?

Indianapolis 24 @ Pittsburgh 20 - The Colts are back, aren't they? I used to hate Peyton Manning, but then I took his side in the Colts/Patriots rivalry. Now I'm starting to feel those old feeling of ill will towards him again.

Kansas City 19 @ San Diego 20 - Sigh. Finding New and Innovative Ways to Lose, Part II: This week Kansas City missed an extra point in the second quarter, which meant that, when they scored at the end of the game to trail by 1, instead of simply kicking an extra point for the win they went for two. Well, I'm sure I don't have to tell you they weren't successful.

NY Giants 36 @ Philadelphia 31 - The Ghost of Andy Reid's Clock Management comes back to haunt the citizens of Philadelphia. The Clock Management Ghost is like the Ghost of Christmas Past, only it's got more drug dealing children.

San Francisco 24 @ Arizona 29 - I like that Mike Singletary might be for real as a head coach. Of course it's only a matter of time before the team starts to tune him out - but for now it's fun to see them being more competitive.


Trebor said...

the worst part about that oakland/carolina game. I just made a trade for john stewart to back up deangelo. only this past week i benched deangelo for stewart...may have just cost me $500. that will teach me.

No mention about the SF coaching staff apparently not knowing where the ball was spotted. I'm not going to go find the article but it's out theer. Mike martz said he didn't know the ball was on the 2 1/2 yard line until mike nolan told him the next day. Possibly worst play claling /time managment this week... though reid does have the history to back his case.

I thought when you went to carolina game you'd continue the redneck trends with something like "you might be the worst team in the NFL if your defense gets 4 interceptions and gives up 76 yards passing and you still lose the game by double digits"

i'm in a comment mood today....

Denver game - despite his best efforts, brady quinn's disappointment can be seen as winslow can't handle his balls..... maybe a bit of a stretch but there's so much that could work there...winslow fumbling/cant catch, his 'undisclosed' injury the other week, brady's sexual preference.

jacksonville game- come on when is matt jones being suspended...not a big fan of porter but maybe he has a point in bringing up the race card. Jones was caught with cocain seemingly years ago and no reaction from the NFL yet, but another guy caught with the cannabis and like the next day there's a suspension...what's up with that.

Napoleon in Rags said...

I agree 100% about the Matt Jones situation. Mike Vick and Adam Jones were suspended before they went to trial and were convicted of anything. I'm not sure how that doesn't apply to Jones as well... because you know, he was caught with cocaine!

But after seeing what a catastrophe the NFL fine and discipline system is for on-field behaviour, I'm not really surprised the system for off-field behaviour is royally F'd.

I like the Brady Quinn line - but Winslow had a good game. You could say that Braylon Edwards couldn't handle Quinn's balls - what with all his drops and such. The possibilities are endless!

Trebor said...

winslow did have a good first half, but wasn't it him who fumbled in the 2nd half that led to a denver TD, and then the last play I'm not sure cause I dont pay attention to the browns, but wasnt it winslow that let the ball slip through his hands.

Napoleon in Rags said...

Yes, you may very well be right about that - I watched approximately 0% of that game.

Rider Prophet said...

Yeah while Winslow did his best to steal the win in the first half, he seemed to try just as hard to give it right back to the them in the second.