Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Sports As Life NFL Mid-Season Review Election Night Spectacular

I obviously watch way too much TV because I know more than any person should about people like Jeanne Shaheen and John Sununu. Thankfully that will all be over after tonight.

But this week is also special because the NFL season is at it's halfway point - and that means I get to look back and see just how wrong I was about everything. I'm going to look at each division, because I just don't have the wherewith all to do each team.

NFC East
So much for that Super Bowl hangover, eh? I'm actually enjoying the Giants this season. Philly is hanging around sort of where I thought they would be but I will admit that I was totally wrong about Washington - they're actually a lot more competitive than I thought they'd be. I don't think they're going to be in the playoff picture but at least Zorn hasn't been a total catastrophe. And speaking of catastrophes, how 'bout them Cowboys? And how 'bout obvious segways? I'd be much more excited about the Cowboy implosion if my fantasy season wasn't tied to their fortunes.

NFC North
Before the season I said that Jon Kitna was the best quarterback in the NFC North - well, Kitna is now out for the season and that title probably goes to Aaron Rodgers. But then there's Kyle Orton - who would have thought he'd be as good as this? Not me, and I loves me some Captain Neckbeard. Confession time though - I was dead wrong about the Tarvarvis Jackson Experience. Sometimes you just have to take a chance - sometimes you're right, sometimes you're wrong. I was wrong.

NFC South
Wow, this division is a little bit surprising, isn't it? All four teams are reasonably competitive - it's like the bizarro AFC West. I'm surprised but not disappointed that Matt Ryan is making an impact in his first year. I do wish that Tampa Bay would go away though, I'm tired of them. And New Orleans... our relationship is well documented and I don't want to open old wounds again.

NFC West
When the Arizona Cardinals are the division's dominant team, it might be an off year. I'm excited to see Seattle in the tank this year, although that's mostly due to injuries it would seem. And after only two weeks of Mike Singletary the Head Coach, I have no idea how I got by without him.

AFC East
Our long nightmare ended early this year when Tom Brady went down in the first quarter of the season's first game. Of course, now we have to hear about those plucky Patriots that just won't go away. The four teams in this division could end up tied at the end of the year and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

AFC North
Wow - it just took me a full 5 minutes to remember who even played in the AFC North - not a real endorsement of the strength of this division. Baltimore might just end up being the division winner. Pittsburgh probably has more talent but their offensive line is just abysmal. The other two teams aren't even worth mentioning - other than to say, I told you so (about Cleveland) - I told you so (about Cleveland)!

AFC South
Two months ago, if I'd told you Kerry Collins would be quarterbacking the Tennessee Titans by week 9 - how many wins would you say they'd have? 3? 4? Would you have said the Indianapolis Colts would be 4-4? I suppose this is why they play the game.

AFC West
It's entirely possible the winner of this division won't have a winning record. I suspect Denver and San Diego will be around .500 - but wow, this division has a chance to be historically bad. Oakland might be the first team in history to fire two coaches in one season (plus have a vampire for an owner). And Kansas City fans only wish we could get rid of our coach.


Trebor said...

how come when you talk about Seattle sucking you mention the injuries but not so for Dallas. Sure there was only one injury but seeing how the brad/bollinger experiment went...do you think they actually lose to st. louis with Romo at center. Also you look at Barber at the beginning of the season he had honest defenses and felix to take some work. Felix goes out and the defenses put an extra guy upfront. Maybe they still lose to the giants but I dont see a total collapse...

Napoleon in Rags said...


Rider Prophet said...

I have a couple fantasy football dilemmas I was hoping you could weigh in on:

1) Chris Johnson or Maurice Jones Drew – Johnson is good but plays a stingy run D. MJD has been a huge disappointment but plays the lowly Detroit run D (if you can even call that a defense).

2) San Diego’s D or Buffalo’s – Chargers’ D has been terrible but will that be balanced off by KC’s terribleness (is that a word?)?

Napoleon in Rags said...

I'm the first to admit, I'm no fantasy expert - but I'll weigh in on it. If Trebor sees this, perhaps he can lend his expertise as well - as he actually knows what he's talking about.

1) In the spirit of full disclosure, I'll be starting Chris Johnson this weekend - mostly due to lack of better options, as Steven Jackson has had his Y chromosome removed. If I had the option I'd go with MJD though - I feel like the Tennessee bubble is ready to burst and I could rush for 70 yards and a touchdown against Detroit.

2) Kansas City has actually been putting up points over the last two weeks - but Buffalo has 3 starters out. If it were me, I'd probably roll the dice with San Diego - Kansas City's luck is bound to run out at some point and they are more likely than New England to turn the ball over.