Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

Well, I finally got to watch some football and it was a frustrating day, as you may have gotten from my post last week. Speaking of that post, CH was asking about QB’s and it’s such a great question. If there were another draft held today, look at the different top positions:

Top 10 WR's - still pretty much the same except for Moss and Colston, both due to injury. Holt is really the only one I can think of that’s been a big disappointment.
Top 10 RB's - maybe Willie Parker moves into the top but even Steven Jackson is still putting up decent numbers - maybe not top 10 but not a big bust.
Top 10 QB's - here’s where the fun begins. This year in all my drafts I waited until the later rounds to pick up my QB. I got Warner in most of my leagues and he’s worked out not bad. But if you selected a top 10 projected QB, how are you feeling now? Anderson is close to losing his job, Palmer might turn things around, Big Ben is hurt and struggling, Brady is out. Hasselbeck and Bulger have done nothing and to some degree Peyton has been a disappointment.

So that’s what - 7 out of 10?? Not good. Instead your top qb’s are Rivers, Cutler, Warner and Rodgers, many of them selected for a teams #2 qb.

Now with the bye week, the Manning bros’ are sitting so teams may be looking for a qb right now, and there should be some guys still on Waivers. As I said there in my post, there are some options out there - JTO, Edwards, Campbell... maybe even Griese (though I’d wait a couple weeks before proclaiming him a top qb).

If you have a top qb maybe look at moving him for. I just traded Warner in 1 league away for Schaub. There were a few other players involved but sell high, buy low. Schaub may lose his job but if he makes it through this week his schedule gets more favorable. I also have rivers as my other qb so I'm not too worried. But the thing here is that the qb position is up and down, people are losing jobs and maybe Trent Green, Gus Ferotte or Brady Quinn become top guys, so get strong at the other positions and try and find a serviceable qb.

When you're looking, look ahead see what games are coming up. Make sure that you don’t get 2 with the same bye or have difficult mathcups the same week. When it comes to Sunday play your best match ups, sitting Mcnabb for Edwards this week might be a great move. Edwards may not be the best but playing against St. Louis… the only thing stopping him from throwing 2-3 td’s is Lynch just running it in all the time.

Anyway last week, my pat on the shoulder pick... sit Delhomme against a weak Minny pass def… he threw for what 129 yds no td’s. LJ was so close, tuning in mid way threw the 3rd quarter he had done nothing. However, I didn’t know the KC was that bad... LJ got his points in garbage time cause Atla. didn’t care they crushed them. Again the sits were pretty bang on. The starts ??? where did Kevin jones go in Detroit?? I still don’t know. How can Bryant Johnson the #1 wr in SF only get 2 catches against Detroit???.

I’ll start off with who to start, see if that changes things.

How about Robert Meacham? Colston is out, Shockey is out, General Patten might be out. Brees can only throw swing passes to Bush so much, so it’s either Meacham or Henderson...
Dwayne Bowe – yes he plays for the Chiefs, but Denver seems to have a terrible defense so…
Josh Reed – he gets targets a lot and is playing against the Rams, plus Parrish is out so he’s the unquestioned #2 guy.
Ocho Cinco – he’s done nothing but I think it’s a shootout game and he’s gonna get his TD this week.

Delhomme – last week I said sit, this week start. Smith in his 2nd game back against Atla. I’m believing that KC is that bad and not Atla not that good.

I already mentioned Edwards and JTO… so that’s enough qb’s

Jacksonville duo – last week they came out finally, this week they play Houston they should both put up solid numbers.

John Stewart – he seems to be the goaline back so he should see lots of work this week.

Chris Perry – hopefully Cincy has turned things around and being the starting back in that offense should help.


Lendal 'Marshmallow' White – he’s been getting the TD’s and been a serviceable #2 back, however against Minny he wont get many chances.

Thomas Jones - he started off great but has fallen off, even if Favre is a bit banged up he’s not going to hand the ball off so I would consider him a #3.

Westbrook and Willie Parker are out, should you start their back-ups??? Buckhalter yeah, Mendenhall no - stay away from this guy. He may have a great game but he’s up against Baltimore and his fumblitis kept him off the field for the most part… too many negatives.

Antonio Bryant – here’s my far out pick... he had something like 18 receptions last week, and GB defense isn’t the greatest but I’m thinking they’ll cover this guy a bit better this week.

Hines Ward – he’s been doing pretty good, but I’m just enjoying the downfall of the Steelers so much… Baltimore is going to pester Big Ben all night and I don’t think he’s healthy, so Ward may see a lot of targets but nothing big.

Tory Holt – this is an easy one, no one is thinking that Trent Green is the answer and Holt wasn’t doing anything before so…

Big Ben – as mentioned before
Garrard – they’ll run he ball too easily, plus he’s struggling thus far
Derek Anderson – I think this might be the last week we see him, onto the Brady era. It’s too bad stone hands Edwards and Winslow haven’t helped and their matchup have been tough. This week on paper easy game but things don’t look good.

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