Sunday, September 7, 2008

32 Teams in 30-Some Days - Jacksonville Jaguars

40 minutes 'til kickoff... colour me excited.

The Jacksonville Jaguars

I'm not afraid of the black man running
He's got it right he's got a better life coming
I don't care what the captain said
I fold it right at the top of my head
I lost my sight and the state packs in
I follow my heart and it leads me right to Jackson

- Jacksonville
- Sufjan Stevens

Thank goodness Sufjan Stevens has decided to write a song named after every city in the United States - otherwise I would have had nothing, NOTHING, for Jacksonville - the city so dull even the Super Bowl held there was boring.

If you listen in the right places, you can hear people talking about Jacksonville being a potential Super Bowl team. They were sort of close to almost getting close to nearly being able to beat New England in the playoffs.

David Garrard is a vastly underrated quarterback. But the thing that troubles me is that now everybody knows he's underrated - so now he's overrated. Or at least, there is a lot of expectation on him. I'm a little worried that the David Garrard bandwagon might go off the road.

The running game is great - with MJD and Fragile Fred. Although Fred Taylor did get arrested last weekend, so that might have an effect on his season.

I think the problem for the Jaguars is going to come on defence - especially the defensive line. They put absolutely no pressure on Tom Brady in the playoffs last year and he eviscerated them and put in a nearly perfect performance. They drafted Derrick Harvey to help the pass rush but he held out almost all of training camp, so it remains to be seen how much of an impact he can make.

The Verdict
If Jacksonville is ever going to knock off Indianapolis for the AFC South title, this is going to be the year. Indy is banged up and Jacksonville seems to be pretty confident coming into the season. I think Jacksonville gets into the playoffs and does some damage - but they don't knock off Indy just yet.

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