Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

Well anther week where I missed all the games because of softball in the afternoon and soccer in the evening - 1 day I’ll watch a game and hopefully it’s not Seattle, St Louis, Cleveland or Cincy playing - oh yeah, Oaktown and KC are on that list too.
My recommended sits were bang on last week, the greatest of them was going against the the grain and the experts. Favre against a weak NE secondary... he’ll put up big numbers. Nope. Ryan Grant going against the Lions... big numbers. Nope. It helps that he got hurt but he was on the injury report and yet people were still giving him the must start status, not this guy though.

The starts were a different story, though. Looking at some of the scores in my fantasy leagues there were no big time players. Warner and Rivers were top notch, as were their receivers. But again your not going to sit Fitzgerald or Boldin. It’s the guys you pick up in the later rounds that you have the decision to make about and none of those guys put up numbers this week.

On to week 3 and I’m dialing this one in, not sure what that means but I’m assuming it means I’m going to be lazy this with this week's picks.

Braylon Edwards – wow hands of stone, he also plays for 1 of the teams that should be good but aren’t. That is Cleveland/Cincy. I’d consider Braylon or even Housh, like a #3wr. The other awful teams… St. Louis, Oaktown, KC, Seattle were never expected to be good so them sucking isn’t a big surprise.
Chris Chambers – he’s a top 10 wr right now so this may be a tough one though all of his points have come from like 5 catches… and this week the Jets may shut him down.
Santonio Holmes – he hasn’t been great this year and with a tough matchup this week I don’t see big ben and his big shoulder throwing the ball deep, which is where Holmes gets his catches.

Don’t say LJ don’t say LJ…
LJ - he’s been his typical awful self in the beginning of the season and now he’s complaining about how many touches he gets. This week looks like a great match up for him. Though he’s got Thigpen is in... who’s that? Do you think Atlanta will be stacking the line??? Either way, he’s my breakout/bust player… he’ll either post ridiculous numbers or terrible - no in between for this game.
Well if LJ is on there I might as well put LT on here too. Is he going to play??? Will he be any good?? The Jets may not be the best but if he’s hurt and with a competent backup he may lose some carries this week. Consider him a decent #2 rb, so your probably not going to bench him but there is definitely better options out there. But I would consider sitting him if say, Kevin or Julius Jones were my #3 back.

As with every previous week all Houston, Cincy, Cleveland rb’s should be benched... and this week Carolina rb’s can be added too

Matt Shaub – I liked this guy going into the season but the mess in the backfield along with the seemingly unmovable Titans' defense makes me believe he’ll be sacked 10 times and forced to heave some balls.
Jake Delhomme – this is a risky pick cause Minny sucks against the pass, but they held Peyton for like 3 quarters, sure he ended up with 300+ yds but most came near the end.

I’m broadening this to guys that may be on the waiver wire that if you have room you should scoop up.

JTO - too lazy to see how to spell his name, but he plays the Lions this week, so book it.
Cassel – he may be no Brady but he’s going against the Dolphins and guess what Dolphin made a prediction? I wonder how Parcells reacted to that??
Hasselback- who’s he throwing to??? He plays the Rams at home so it should be good. NOTE* this week in the one league I will be starting Courtney Taylor and Koren Robinson. The Rams defense better not show up this week.

Fred Jackson – last week I wouldn’t have known who you were talking about. He’s Lynch’s backup so not a lot of work but he gets catches and runs and plays Oakland... consider him a solid #3 rb.
Darren Sproles – probably not available anymore but if you own LT... get this guy now. He probably doesn’t start this week but even if he doesn’t LT's workload may be decreasing.
Michael Bush – even if Mcfadden does start Bush will get 10-15 carries and he can always break a long one. Probably a low end #3 rb this week.
Kevin Jones - gets to play against SF in what will be a shootout.
Julius Jones – should see lots of action against a bad defense.

John Carlson – yeah he’s actually a TE but he’ll get lots of looks from Hasselbeck in St. Louis
General David Patten – Last week against the Editor, I picked up Devrey Henderson because Brees throws the ball, well that didn’t work out to well - he either does great or nothing. Patten however should see double digit targets so ppr leagues he’s a strong #3.
Desean ‘TD’ Jacskon – Luckily in the league that I have him I also have Westbrook so no harm no foul. Anyway back to to back 100+ yrd games... that’s a good sign, though he is playing a tough Steeler defense.
Bryant Johnson - really him or Isaac Bruce could be considered #2 wr this week with a favorable matchup.

Something key next week, you have the beginning of the bye weeks… Lions, Colts, Patriots, Giants, Seahwaks. So there a few key players going to be sitting - best to start looking at the waivers early.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trebor,
So now that Hasselback is on teh bye, my powerful backup is Matt Shaub. What the heck do i do with that? Any darkhorse QB's you can think of that may not be taken?

No love for Frank Gore? That guy is a workhouse for me. Hope no one pro-lined New England this weekend as a sure win. Mr. Editor must have loved every second of that game.


Napoleon in Rags said...

I enjoyed every second of it - although I was hoping Miami would hang half a hundred on them. I didn't realize that Tom Brady also played defensive end, linebacker, cornerback and safety simultaneously - because it was only due to him being hurt that New England lost so bad, right?

If you're looking for a quarterback this weekend I'd suggest Tyler "Pigpen" of the Kansas City Chiefs - who opened the game against the mighty Atlanta Falcons going 1/12 for -1 yards and 2 ints.

Cooper said...

CH if you are interested I have Roethlisberger and Eli Manning on my roster. I could see trading either one of them for an intersting offer

Trebor said...

Big ben is hurt and i see him being a bust this year and Eli is on a bye not much help there cooper.

YOu could give trent green a look, Shaub I would stay away from since he seems to be high on the suck this year.

Edwards hasn't done anything great but he plays st louis so he may be avialble in smaller leagues. another great pick up is Osomething or other with SF, great match up this week.

ferotte isn't an option even if avialble, I think Ten. is averging 20 sacks a game right now. Greise is probably out there and seemingly Green Bay Def can be had.

I'd say try for edwards, or SF guy, then jsut roll the dice withc the schaub.

As far as the miami game.... I'm glad i didn't watch it but every 5 minutes.. "now to jim brown with an update". and seemingly every update was direct snap to ronnie, fake the hand off then ronnie run to the right. every freakin time come on NE foo me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me...fool me 5 times I might be a redneck. ??? i got nothing. I played the guy with ronnie guess what the outcome was...

Anonymous said...

I had ronnie sitting on the bench - luckily my other players came through though. And luckily i was playing my brother.

I went with Edwards before getting your advice. Thanks for the advice anyway, even though i'm playing you this weekend. It could be a close one.

Eli wouldn't help this weekend coops, plus i have no one at other positions you would want or i would be willing to give up. This weekend is my toughest test. I've gotten lucky with the matchups until now.