Friday, September 12, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

Well I didn’t see one game this past Sunday because of Ultimate Frisbee and a movie called Traitor. Looks like I missed a bunch injuries to QB’s – Vince Young, Brodie Croyle. RB’s- Joe Addai. TE – Dallas Clark, Antonio Gates. WR - Marques Colston… oh yeah and god (Tom Brady). So there will be some moves on the waiver wire for sure, and maybe people won't play guys who are literally sitting on the bench. It’s the first week so it can happen but come on…

So when your right 50% of the time your wrong 50% of the time. Turns out WR’s suck - really really suck. The 2 guys I said to watch for - Bruce and Gaffney both 0 catches. I started Bruce in 1 league… luckily it wasn’t a difference maker. Gaffney has now been cut by all my teams. I did mention that St Louis was going to suck but I didn’t know it would be that bad, with both Jackson and Holt doing arguably nothing (7 and 1 pts respectively).

In my 16 team league I picked up Colston and TJ and I was thinking I did not bad… well 5 points combined is… something… right. Instead, if you took any Philly WR you were laughing.

There were a couple of big performers - Eddie Royal and Hines Ketchup (2 td’s), though talking about Pittsburgh brings up everyone's breakout candidate Santonio Holmes, who did nothing…

Anyway back to the picks… I said stay away from Seattle players and well that was a good call. On the other recommendation the RB tandems out there had mixed reviews. Both Tennessee backs (Johnson and White) got TD’s, so not bad. Though I still don’t know who to sit/start there. In Carolina, Deangelo Williams is obviously the favorite getting 8 more attempts in the game but 9 points is not starting RB numbers.

Indy players – I missed the game but wow what happened Peyton? Did you go out celebrating after hearing Brady’s out.
Warner - he did alright, but the expectations weren’t for Hightower to get td’s.
Cutler – the one game I get to watch in week 1 and it’s that!!! TH, how are they even called an NFL team. Another reason Warner made this list is cause I started him over Rivers and ended up losing by 5 points to the guy who had Cutler the anger is still with me. Come on I thought Oaktown had a secondary??? then there’s the QB... when it’s 41-7 you should be able to move the ball… another topic I guess.

Seattle/St Louis players - Warner will lead the Cards to the divison title, or maybe O'Sullivan will, what a bad division.
Favre/Pennington - true they didn’t do much better than Warner but they were better than the middle of pack.
Houston/Carolina RB’s - committee situations suck.
Oakland RB’s – Fargas did alright, Mcfadden... ha. All those people who took him in the 2-3rd round. In the future all Oakland players might join all Seattle players on the sit list.
Delhomme – he did get the last second TD, but that wasn’t enough to call it a good game.
TE’s- they had a huge week though Utect and Keller didn’t get as much Fasano did, as well as many other TE’s.

Week 2:

– Maroney - almost want to say all New England players, but Maroney for sure. He may get more carries with Cassel, but I’d rather take a flier on Sammy Morris. He gets the goaline work and even last year he was the better RB until he got hurt in week 6.

- Chris Perry/Jamal Lewis - both could be good but their offenses are in shambles right now. So either of them as a #3 rb, but nothing better.

- MJD/Fragile Fred - committee situation and they are also missing 3 starting O-lineman.

- Ryan Grant – this may be an odd one, cause of what Turner did last week. Detroit’s head coach came in saying they were going to run the ball more and stop the run. I think they’ll focus on stopping the run, plus Grant is banged up and might lose carries to Jackson.

Favre – the winning TD was the classic Favre, heave and hope. NE has a better defence. And the little general I think will have his team motivated to go out there and have the defence win a game.

Anderson/Palmer - they play tough defenses and both look rusty. These 2 were probably picked up as #1 QB’s, but hopefully you got a solid #2

Hank Baskett – If you're in bigger leagues this guy has probably come off the waivers… he may turn out good, but in last week's game he only had 2 catches. Yes he did break 1 tackle and get 90 + yds and a TD, but Mcnabb obviously isn’t looking his way often.

Roddy White – It looks like Atlanta is going to be a running team and also playing against a tough backfield in Tampa. People were high on him saying look what he did last year with Harrington/Leftwich/Redman… how can he do worse? We may see.

It’s close to the point where I wouldn’t start any Oakland/Seattle/St Louis player. However, Fargas is going to get more carries in Oaktown and he might be good for a score this week. As well, Double J (Julius Jones) lost his partner in the backfield so he gets the ball to himself so maybe he’ll do something with it. Both could put up #2 RB numbers.

Eli Manning – he plays St Louis.
Kerry Collins – it’s hard to think he’ll do worse that Young, he also gets a great match-up in Cincinnati.

Aaron Rodgers – a penalty kept him form having a great game last week, this week Detroit will help.

Bowe – unless last week was a hiccup for Oakland Bowe should go to town. Last year almost all of Bowe’s TD’s came from Huard not Croyle so something to think about.

Matt Jones – shudder, this guy is talked about every year, and for the past 3 years he’s been a bust. This year though he was the most targeted through preseason and in game 1 so I’m giving him a shot.

Steve Smith - not Carolina but New York… maybe even Toomer. St Louis looks terrible and no one would think about sitting Plaxico, but consider these guys as fliers.

You have to like Fasano in Miami and possibly Martin. I’m sure I heard something this week about the majority of noodle arms passes being thrown to TE’s and the RB’s.

LJ Smith – I didn’t know that he was back, he seems to be hurt a lot but I think he’s a target for when they get inside the 20 so he might be able to get a TD.

Shockey – I think he’ll benefit the most with Colston being out, the other wr’s might step up but they are #2-#3 wr’s with not much consistency.

Something that worries me... My girlfriend Jessica opened her mouth which is usually a good thing, but not this time. Last year the Jessica jinx came in when they played Philly at home and lost. This year she started making comments and I would consider sitting Romo if I had a solid backup. Philly has a great pass rush and he could put up a stinker on Monday night.


Napoleon in Rags said...

As some who reluctantly but unavoidably drafted Steven Jackson in the first round, I'd like to introduce him to the bench and hope he gets comfortable. I feel like the San Francisco 49ers.

Anonymous said...

yeah jackson may turn out to be a worse pick than brady. It's such a bad position to get a top back and he sucks. You don't want to sit him but you have to... whereas brady he's off your roster you get to move on.