Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coach Cooper Hates Your Team


See people, this is why I stay up late - to give you all the timely sports news. Lowly and unranked Oregon State has just upset mighty, #1 ranked USC in what was a fantastic game and the first big upset of the season. CFL teams, get Jacquizz Rodgers on your negotiation list right now - he's all kinds of talented but he'll be too small to play in the NFL. And as luck would have it - here's Coach Cooper with your weekly dose of coed T&A.

Another week, another set of mediocre picks. I went 3 – 2 for the second straight week, I am hoping to at least get 4 correct picks this week. Did anyone else happen to watch the Georgia - Arizona St game last Saturday night? If you didn’t you missed an absolutely ridiculous play by Georgia RB Knowshon Moreno.

ABC also showed a high school clip of Georgia freshman wide out AJ Green making an outstanding one-handed grab.

At the present time he would be by far the best receiver on the Riders.

(ED. NOTE - I'm including the video of this catch from last weekend too, because it's equally as ridiculous as the above catch.)

Speaking of picks did anyone else out there have the Patriots completely F you and your Pro–Line?

Ok... on to this weeks picks. I would like to thank those of you who sent in suggestions for pictures. Keep sending them in and I will use them to the best of my ability.

Tennessee (1-2) @ #15 Auburn (3–1): The first of 2 SEC match-ups previewed here this weekend. Both teams are coming off loses at home last weekend. Tennessee however, showed more of an ugly side, both on the field and in the stands as seen here:

Auburn comes into game still looking good, even after a loss at home:

The obvious pick here is the Auburn Tigers.

#9 Wisconsin (3-0) @ Michigan (1-2): I wish I could use the pictures from the Playboy piece profiling the girls of the Big 10 and their respective teams in this match-up. Sadly this is no site for images like that. Going by Playboy this game should end in a 49 – 49 tie.

I have scowered google and sadly this is what Wisconsin is bringing to the table:

Speaking of table it appears these girls didn’t know when to push away from the table soon enough. (Yes, that is a fat joke) In a state known for brats and beer maybe this is the best they have to offer.

Michigan counters with this:

(ED. NOTE - Cooper had a joke written here about dogs and bitches, but I couldn't get the corresponding picture to work. So I went with this one. Apologies.)

I’ll take the Badgers of Wisconsin in this one.

#8 Alabama (4-0) @ #3 Georgia (4-0): This is the best game all weekend. I pray to the ghost of Bear Bryant it is televised here. It will be all defense, a very close game. I would play the tie on Pro-line with this one. Alabama rolls into Georgia with these fine beauties:

And this:

ED. NOTE - I'm linking to this picture because it's boarderline NSFW. Enjoy at your own risk at work - click here.

Georgia has home-field advantage with this:

And this:

Very close game indeed. I have to go with instinct with this pick and my instinct is telling me Roll Tide!

Virginia Tech (3-1) @ Nebraska (3 –0): First of all what the F this is?

I happened to find it in my research. Here is what passes for V-Tech cheerleaders:

The Cornhuskers counter with this:

And this:

I’ll take Nebraska in this one. It will be close; I am leaning towards the Pro-Line tie on this one.

And finally time to brown bag it and pick my Brown Bag Special of the Week. Notre Dame makes a second straight appearance with their match-up against Purdue this weekend.

Purdue (2-1) @ Notre Dame (2-1): Not the ugliest match-up on the Pro-Line ticket this weekend but who wants to read about New Mexico and New Mexico St. Purdue has these lovely fans:


Notre Dame yet again is represented by my favorite girl in the world:

I’ll go with the smart pick and take the Boilermakers

Keep the pictures coming everyone -

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Anonymous said...

I think it's time to retire the Notre Dame picture coops. Must say, your research seems to be getting sidetracked. The talent is lacking this week. Maybe it's because you went too far one way and the editor had to reign you in, but surely there's a happy medium of appropriateness and attractiveness. Are those seriously the best Nebraska pics available? I'll keep reading, but you're on notice.