Friday, September 5, 2008

32 Teams in 30-Some Days - Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers

"It's cloudy out in Pittsburgh
It's raining in Saigon
Snow's fallin' all across the Michigan line
Well she sits by the lights of the Christmas tree
With the radio softly on
Thinkin' how a good man is so hard to find"

- A Good Man is Hard to Find
- Bruce Springsteen

Yes I realize that's Dancing in the Dark - there were no YouTube clips of A Good Man is Hard to Find, except one awful cover. And hey, Dancing in Dark is a way underrated song. If you watch the video closely you can even some small Guido Fist Pumps in there - he is from New Jersey after all.

I will admit I don't really have anything interesting to say about Pittsburgh.

I think they win this division, and probably rather handily. They're a solid all-around team. My only concern would be there offensive line - and I suppose that's a pretty large concern to have.

But Ben Roethlisberger did have an unbelievably underrated year behind that line, so there's no reason he can't do it again.

And Rashard Mendenhall gives them some good depth at running back.

The Verdict
Weren't you reading? I said they'd win their division. And since I don't have anything else to add, here's this:

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