Sunday, September 7, 2008

32 Teams in 30-Some Days - Indianapolis Colts

Well, you'll be happy to know that as of last night I can now do this:

The Indianapolis Colts

"Da da da, da da da"

- Indian Jones Theme

So many questions, so many questions.

This team has been so good for so long, we just sort of expect them to be dominant every year. But if there was ever going to down year for the Colts, this would have to be it.

Their star receiver had knee surgery last year and went on a mini shooting spree in the offseason.

Their star quarterback had a minor knee surgery only a month or so ago.

Their star centre has a knee injury and is out at least 6 weeks.

Their star defensive end had a serious foot injury at the end of last season and nobody is 100% sure of how healthy he is.

That is a lot of injuries and question marks for a team to overcome. But to me the biggest of those injuries is to Jeff Saturday, the Colts' center. I think the center position is grossly undervalued, as it is the anchor of the offensive line - and it'll be this injury that hurts them most of all. Peyton manning has had great protection through the years and it's allowed him to be very successful. But if he's under pressure more often than he's used to, especially on a bad knee, I think it's going to hurt this team.

The Verdict
The Colts still have way too much talent not to make the playoffs - but they might come back to the pack a little bit. They should still win their division but if there is ever a year they don't - this will be it.

I kid, I kid - for as much as you see Peyton Manning on TV, this is still really funny:

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