Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hockey Headlines (Like We Care or Something) - With Pictures

I'm sucking it up and writing a hockey post today - because apparently the NHL All-Star game was this past weekend. Although if nobody watches it, does it actually happen?

Beware the Iron Curtain
Ok, I did see one highlight from All-Star Weekend - Alex Ovechkin's miss in the breakaway competition (see it here if you haven't already). Sadly the most talked about moment of the weekend was a trick shot that didn't actually work. How many pieces would Chris Osgood's skull be in if Ovechkin had actually connected on that?

The NHL: Finger on the Pulse of It's Fans Firmly Inserted in it's Own Rectum
Just what hockey fans have been clamouring for right? More meaningless regular season games. Apparently the NHL is considering moving to an 84 game schedule, up from 82. Yes, I understand the reasons behind it. But absolutely nobody wants to see more games. The NHL season lasts 14 months as it is. Oh well, two more games means I can lose interest at Christmas instead of New Year's next year.

Those Lazy, Lazy Finns - Get a Job!!
Well it's almost February and Teemu Selanne has decided he should maybe get around to playing hockey this year. If I was a fan of the Ducks I'd be pretty upset by this. Selanne holds the team hostage for half a season and then finally decides to come out and play. If it were my call he'd be on the next garbage barge to Uusikaupunki.

And Just Because I Think it's Funny


Cooper said...

The All-Star game was this weekend? No kidding? Well I am sure that Kristian Huselius, Damon Langkow and Pascal Leclaire enjoyed playing in the game. Too bad Scott Neidermeyer didn't puss out ont he first half of the season and he may have been able to make the team. Hold on, what's that you say?

Luke said...

Re: Niedermayer

I believe that's what they refer to as having your cake and eating it too. *cough* sham *cough*

Walks said...

Huselius??? Langkow??? in the NHL All Star Game??? When Hell freezes over do they derserve to play in that game. What place is Calgary in??? Your saying they deserve to have 4 players in the All Star Game? I not saying everyone in the game deserved to be there. Leclaire should have been in for sure you can't argue his stats.