Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Headlines - In Pictures

I have a feeling this is the form the Monday Headlines are going to take from now on - because, well, it's easier and much more fun for me.

It's a Boston v. New York Super Bowl - And Fox Couldn't Be More Ecstatic
Over/under on number of Red Sox/Yankee montages we see on Super Sunday: 1,327. Take the over. At least Terry Bradshaw won't have to learn any new names or places on the map to stammer his way through some Super Bowl analysis.

Archie Manning Phones Mr. Brady; Tells Him That Tom's Been Being Mean to Archie's Boys
Listen Archie, I hear what you're saying. But it's not Tom's fault that he's developed faster than Peyton and Eli. Sometimes he just doesn't know his own strength. Don't worry, I'll have a talk with him about it though.

Ever-Defiant Rivers - "We'll Get Them Next Week!"
I will admit that the Pats/Chargers game was much closer than I thought it would be. And if San Diego had remembered that touchdowns are worth 6 points, not just 3 - it might have been a different game. Too bad nobody told LT this was a playoff game.

Eil Wondering if Phoenix Has Got Stuff To Do There

Non-Football Related Headline - Hockey in Fact
I think the fact that the Team Formerly Known as the Toronto Maple Leafs is in shambles is hilarious - except maybe to people in Toronto. Yet 175% of media coverage is about the Turmoil in Toronto. I haven't seen this much attention paid to suspect hockey since Elsinore Brewery played the Royal Canadian Institute for the Mentally Insane.

That Other Shoe Finally Dropped; And Old Habits Die Hard
As much as it pains me to admit, I think the Giants will probably give the Patriots a better game.


Trebor said...

yeah SD going for FG all the time...... I'm no coach nor will I ever be, but on that first drive when it's 0-0...go for it on 4th. Then in the 3rd quarter 14-9.... again go for it..this one was only 4th and 1, and if norv doesnt call the rider draw after a timeout on 3rd and 1 maybe they are already in.

NO talk about LT. Standing on the sidelines, helmet on.... why didn't he ever take it off?? was he crying and didnt want people to see, was he too cold to move his arms that much. I think it's pretty bad that he jsut sat there, didnt talk to his teamates, give them advice or get them fired up...nothing.

Lastly NY deserved to win the game, totally outplayed GB..wish it werent so though. I know in week 1 GB was only a pssing team, but then they got a rb and became more balanced. So why in -80° weather would you ignore a running back who peviously got 200+ yards???

Luke said...

I don't know if they totally outplayed them. But why Green Bay abandoned the run is beyond me. 13 rushes? In a playoff game in January? That's pretty absurd.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that no one likes the teams in the SuperBowl, but you can't feel cheated by the overtime loss when Green Bay only had the ball for 20 minutes. Not going to win too many games that way.

Wonder who mitch is going to cheer for? His man crush? Or perhaps he'll live through the Elisha dream of overcoming the shadow cast by your much more talented older brother?


B said...

As a part-time snowbird residing in the greater Phoenix area, I can tell you Eli will have plenty to keep him occupied while in Glendale.
He can drive up to Sun City and watch the elderly drive their golf carts(e/w clubs) up and down the city streets like they owned the road. I'm talking major streets here. They are changing lanes and everything. They're nuts. I saw a guy and his blue haired mistess on a golf cart with two sets of clubs and a walker strapped to the thing. Are you kidding me? Nothing to do Eli?

How about a trip to the local Albertson's for some grocery shopping and coupon swapping to save 3 cents (American) on a 30 pack of Bud Light which will back up the express line 40 deep spinning me into a dimention of pissed off that I've never known.

How about three or fours hours of rush hour gridlock on the I-10 into Glendale.

How about hearing from the locals every 4.5 seconds why native son and local hero Senator John McCain should go down on Hillary for reparations.

Nothing to do eh.........


Anonymous said...

Having a good trip in Arizona?

Not much traffic on the way to Sunday morning hockey here - if it's not too cold for your car to start. I hear Mulligans indoor golf isn't too busy.

Arizona sounds like Agribition week here in Regina - perhaps you should go in November next year, for at least some reprieve from being caught in line behind people buying a winter's worth of groceries on their one big trip to the big city, tractors on Lewvan, and outdated politics.