Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Looking at my picks so far today I am not doing so good. After losing to Appalachian State who would have thought that Michigan would come out and defeat Florida in a bowl game. Well Wednesday we get into down to the final few games leading up to the national title game on Monday Jan 7th.

Wednesday features the Fiesta Bowl which has the West Virginia Mountaineers (10-2), the champs of the Big East and the 11th ranked team nationally up against the Oklahoma Sooners (11-2), the champs of the Big 12 and the 3rd ranked team nationally. West Virginia by all rights should be playing for the national title, however they were upset by Pittsburgh in the season finale which was an absolute disgrace. As far as the matchup goes we have a Mountaineer, which I assume is a grizzled old man who spends his days wandering in the hills of West Virginia up against a Sooner, a term used to describe people who settled unassigned land located in Oklahoma in the 1800's. Neither of them are intimidating in the least. This one could go either way I figure, but I will make Oklahoma my pick.

On Thursday we have the Orange Bowl. In this year's Orange Bowl we have the manatee of the land, Mark Mangino and his Kansas Jayhawks (11-1), the 1st place team in the Big 12 North division and ranked 8th nationally up against Virginia Tech (11-2), the champs of the ACC and the 5th ranked team nationally. This matchup features a group of militant abolitionists up against a Hokie, which according to Wikipedia is a "nonsensical word made up purely as an attention getter". The V-Tech mascot is the "Hokie-bird", which is some sort of turkey. V-Tech actually used to be called "The Fighting Gobblers" before the name change to "Hokies", hence the turkey mascot. So we have a group of murderous militants up against a giant turkey. I have to go with the turkey on this one, do not underestimate the advantage of flight. What's that? I am being told turkey's do not fly. I have been provided some video evidence as proof. Check it out for yourself. I still have to go with the Hokies in this one. Turkeys attacking from 2000 ft above, hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement is a terrifying thought.

On Saturday is the International bowl which has the Rutgers Scarlet Knights (7-5), the 5th place team in the Big East up against the Ball State Cardinals (7-5), the 2nd place team in the Mid America Conference. If turkeys can't fly I am assuming that neither can cardinals. I am taking Rutgers in this one.

On Sunday we have the ever popular GMAC bowl. The Bowling Green Falcons (8-4), the champs of the Mid America Conference up against the Golden Hurricanes of Tulsa (9-4), the 2nd place team from Conference USA. I like the rare weather phenomenon over the falcon in this matchup. Tulsa will win this one fairly easily.

I will be submitting my pick for Monday's national title game which features THE Ohio State university against the Bayou Tigers of LSU.


Anonymous said...

Do you remember the days when Bowl games meant something...oh, I guess that was when the best of the best were playing in them and there weren't 32 bowls!?! They should cut that number in half at least. They have so many games right now that there are teams that have no business being in a bowl game. There are Taco bowls and .com bowls and tampon bowl...ridiculous! There is no tradition, no history hence no meaning to all of these bowl games except for cold hard cash. Pity, it is college football that loses out in the end. Anything to say to that there College-kid?

Oh and to Mr. bout that outdoor game, the Americans are loving it, it had the highest ratings in the US for a hockey game ever...I know, but that is still pretty impressive when it was going up against 57 bowl games. Heck the guys on PTI were loving the hockey today, they said that there should be 10 games played outdoors by every team every year (nice in theory, but not practical and the outdoor games would lose some of there magic), but still hockey is alive in the US...but barely.


trebor said...

I'm a little slow eh... I thought the rose bowl was on New Years Day..I wanted the Jayhawks in there... oh well

I missed the hockey gmae that TH speaks of but probably would have watched if I weren't driving home. 10 games is too little, it doenst get that cold here in calgary...every game could be outside and then when interest dwindles you have a special game inside, think of the attendance.

Also I hear mike Martz is going to be the new offensive guy for our editors KC chiefs... wow they did a lot of firing... the question will be can martz do his style of offense with no receivers or a qb ???

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