Friday, January 11, 2008

I Predict A Ri... Well Almost

I'm not quite there yet - but I wanted to let everyone know that there will be Divisional Playoff picks up... sometime. This week is also going to be a look back at the pre-season predictions, so it's going to be quite hefty. I can't promise it's going to be up today but it will be before the games on the weekend. So start checking back later this afternoon.

It's nice to see the news that Kent Austin interviewed for another job is being met with the kind of understanding and level-headedness that you'd expect (or at least I'd expect).

I also wanted to say a colossal thanks to everyone who has been commenting over the past few days. It's a trend that I know everyone at Sports As Life wants to see continuing. All the comments make everything we do that much more rewarding. I'd like to think what we post is rewarding in and of itself but getting some feedback (any kind of feedback) makes everything that much better. So remember, if you ever have anything to say (positive, negative, funny, bad pun or otherwise) - make sure you leave a comment.

(And yes I am aware that picture is probably the lamest thing ever posted on this site. Ugh, I think I'm making myself sick. Excuse me, I have to go vomit...)


Trebor said...

I agree Always Be Cemmenting.

I didnt want to write anything about B-ball in great detail, but it's a good topic, So I leave it as a comment. Funny though how when it was mentioned that we havent talked about what boston is doing they go and lose to charolette. knicks could have won to but who pays attention to them.

Last night due to the now weak thurs night line-up (can take very little of gene simmons on apprentice). I wathced most of a bball game. Pistons vs Spurs, 2 teams I hate, but it was sports.

the pistons took an early lead and going into the 4th were up by 11. At that point there's just this feeling that they are going to win, in the end they didn't. If it was anyone but the pistons they probably do.

there's been this feeling before but in football. Against philly, balt, giants... yeah New england was down but even though I wanted them to lose, the feeling was there that they'll come back.

So I got to thinking which is the better "dynasty"? At the beginning of each season both are always favored to be in the finals... both have similar strategies...keep duncan and brady..surround with role players that dont take up cap room.

I think I tip my cap to the spurs, just cause it's best out 7 in their playoffs, but I think it's really tough to separate the 2.

Luke said...

Jimmy Hoffa strongly disagrees with your Always Be Cemmenting theory.