Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Listen John, We Have to Talk

I'm sure glad that something happened with those Toronto Maple Leafs - we hadn't heard about them in awhile


B said...

It's never been the same in the land of make believe since the Wendel Clark glory days. We need to dig up Harold Ballard (and King Clancy for good measure) for a good old fashioned public caining and subsequent firing of JF Jr.


Cooper said...

I was really hoping that they would give the vacant GM job to Harold Ballard. I thought he did a decent job as owner. Remember the great trades he made. Sending Lanny McDonald to Colorado for a used puck bag, Sittler to Philly for Rich Costello, Russ Courtnall to Montreal for John Kordic (We all know how good that deal ended up being)