Monday, January 7, 2008

Bowl Bonanza - The All You Can Eat Buffet is Now Closed

Cooper has apparently been spared the clutches of the sinister Red River and gives you his prediction for tonight's BCS National Championship Game...

Well I am back here at the Sports As Life satellite office in Nipawin after my voyage to Winnipeg and back. As of mid-February I will closing up the shop here in the north and portaging it down the Yellowhead to Winnipeg. There is a much more active sports scene there I am told. Get this, they have a professional baseball team. I am not sure who they are affiliated with but still, it's just exciting to know. Unfortunately the only bowl game I was able to catch the past few days was the Fiesta Bowl in which West Virginia soundly handed Oklahoma their asses and made them wear them as hats. An "asshatery" game if you will. If you didn't catch the game you missed an amazing performance by Mountaineers freshman RB Noel Devine, who was only playing due to injuries to starters. It was also good to see West Virginia interim head coach Bill Stewart get promoted to head coach following the game. The players obviously had a lot of love for the man, which was shown by them carrying him off the field. So to see him not get the job would have been a complete slap in the face to the players. I don't believe he was even a candidate for the head coaching position before the game, so good on the University of West Virginia for giving him the job.

Well to what really matters.

Tonight is the final game of the college season. And if we are lucky enough, this game should determine the national champs. Tonight is the BCS Championship game. The game features the #2 ranked LSU Tigers (11-2), the champs of the SEC up against #1 THE Ohio State University Buckeyes (11-1) and champs of the Big 10. Tonight's game kicks-off at 8pm eastern from the Superdome in New Orleans. This is the part where I could throw out some stats and trends at you people but I have a feeling that none of that really matters. The match up features the Tigers, as mentioned many times before against the Buckeyes, which is some sort of nut. Actually looking back at the schedule there were 5 universities which used the Tiger as their mascot - as well as 2 Cougars, 1 Nittany Lion and a Wildcat. That's a lot of cats folks. That kid from high school must of had a good time this bowl season. He was in fact a "big fan of the big cats". (That joke is so terribly inside that I think only myself and Chris H will get it)

I believe this year will be a repeat of last year's championship game in which Ohio State came into the game ranked #1 and was soundly defeated by a lower ranked team from the SEC. Last year of course that was Florida, this year it will be LSU. LSU should win this one by 2 TD's, give or take a field goal here or there.

And with that comes to the end of the bowl season and my sole purpose here at for the past 6 months. I feel like a lost child in a Wal-Mart now. What to do, what to do? Nobody wants to read about offseason college football news and I especially don't want to have to research it and write about it. I guess I could always try and revive Coopers Corner. That horse had been sent to the glue factory quite some time ago but I believe he is still next in line to be made into said glue. So we will see what happens I guess. I am still not sure what my computer situation will be in the 'Peg. My 80 year old grandparents don't exactly have a state of the art Mac with DSL high speed now do they. My kingdom for a laptop and wireless!


Luke said...

Never thought I'd live to see the day when we had a, "big fan of the big cats" reference. Ah, the memories.

Trebor said...

Awesome video.. I wish i was in band.

I'm sure you can find something to write about. There's got to be some kind of sporting event happening right now...... Let me think....hmm

what about that game, players run around on ice, no wait they skate... and they club each other with sticks...they do other stuff too but I only know about the headshots.

With that someone asked me today if I watched the big game on Saturday.....Que?

-You didn't watch canada/sweeden?

-No I was busy snowboarding, I heard it went to overtime though. So who do they play next?

-that was the final!

-Oh....well hoorah, give me high five. Yeah canada, we're #1 exclamation point!