Thursday, January 24, 2008

There's No Accounting for Taste - Moment of Truth Edition

Last night I was too busy playing Rockband to notice there was a new reality show debuting. However, Trebor was on the ball and watched Moment of Truth so that you wouldn't have to suffer through it. His take on not lying for money...

Are there anymore honest people in America……we’ll find out next on {pause} The Moment of Truth !!!

So the show that has had people talking… not sure what people but yesterday morning I was reminded by my radio that it was on. As I’m typing I realized I missed 2 shows premiering this week that I wanted to see - Extra’s on Comedy Central and Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood on... A&E??

Anyway the show is hosted by a Walberg... not sure which one but not Marky Mark. They have clips at the beginning of the BIG questions and some cheesy voice over saying pretty much how I started this.

The rules are explained and the point of the game ?? Contestant comes on and they have to go through 6 rounds of questions. Each round worth some dollar amount: 10K, 25K…last 500K. The contestant has been asked 50 questions while hooked up to a lie detector prior to coming out. They then pick 21 questions “randomly” and ask them… if the answer matches what the polygraph says was the truth they go on to the next question… simple

There’s 2 twists, neither of which happened last night. The first is one of the 3 guests can hit a button in front of them if they don’t want to hear the answer and thus the next question is asked - could be better, could be worse - but you know it’s going to be worse. The next is ??? If they want to change their answer to an earlier question… not sure how this one works, may have to keep watching to find out.

So the first guy is some personal trainer and he has with him his hot Russian mail-order bride and 2 friends. Maybe not mail-order but she can't be long off the boat. Her name is Catia, which is close to my favorite name - Tatiana… well not that close but I just like saying Tatiana.

First round consists of 6 questions… Walberg sits down and asks him a question like - So what do you like to do in your spare time? Are you good at your job ? The point is to set up one of the questions. So are you good at your job? - yeah…blah blah…… Alright here’s your question: “Have you ever called in sick even though you weren’t” ooooooo

So every time a question is asked the audience is, I assume, prodded to go OOOOOOOO. Then the camera goes on him and he makes some faces and no answer right away - it’s like a 10-15 second pause for every question. I guess that’s making it more dramatic, like he’s thinking it over and not sure and all that junk. So he answers... then silence... about 15-25 seconds later (depends on the OOOOOO factor) a women’s voice comes on: That answer is ……True.

Then again some prodding and it return to clapping. Not sure why clapping, even when admitting to things like cheating and lying. The audience should BOOOO, like on Maury’s show when he has the cheating spouse. They come out they are greeted to BOOOO’s even if it turns out they did nothing wrong.

First round went by with nothing too exciting. I guess the worst was ‘while in the locker room have you ever checked out a guy in the shower’… that’s not even that bad.

Round 2 – 5 questions. After question 1 you start to see where this is going... it’s going to be questions that have to do with his wife… I really didn’t mind the camera going to her all the time, she was hot… thus reinforcing the mail-ordering. He did answer no to one question which was ‘Since ordering your bride... oops I mean, Since marrying your bride have you used the Internet to flirt with women?’ So that answer was no and the truth.

Have you ever done anything that would make your wife not trust you? (now we’re getting into the actual ooooo questions). So he answers yes, she’s upset saying I want to know what you did. Here’s where they could improve this show do like a Maury thing and have a backstage where after he’s kicked out she’s yelling at him or crying or some drama, it’s probably going to happen anyway, why not let us see it?

The next question was set up by, so where do you see yourself in 5 years ? – good job, nice house, a couple of kids-- they go to Catia… I’m not sure about the kids part. So I’m thinking the question is going to be, would you leave your wife if she didn’t want to have kids? I was wrong, instead it was ‘Are you delaying having kids because you don’t think the she is your life long partner?’ (Are you going to send her back for another one?)

The friend was telling the wife, you don’t have to hear this, push the button and all that but she let him answer yes. Wow, how do you go home after that? Though these people did agree to it, and he was asked the question earlier so knew it could come up… I just don’t get it.

Also on the question… maybe the delay was due to her not wanting kids now. So then the answer is still yes because they have delayed having kids, but reason could be different and a lie detector can't figure that out. I have a feeling a lot of question will be like that. It should be A) Are you delaying kids because of your wife ? B) Do you think she's your life-long partner?

He gets knocked out in the third round by: ‘As a trainer have you ever touched a female client more than required?’ He answer no and that was a lie. Pretty weak, so what if he was guiding some girl's glutes a little too much? Not sure why he’d lie about this and speak honestly before. I think the problem is the nature of the question - he does touch clients… more than needed? Who decides that? So maybe there was one time that he felt guilty even though he didn’t do anything wrong.

So for the first guy to go through 11 questions it took about 35 min of actual time (including commercials). So they really stretch out those pauses.

The next guy brought some life to the show. He was energetic and laughing, even when admitting to being a member of Hair Club for Men and also for having padded his underwear on occasion to look... well you know. I think he got through 4 questions and we know he is a gambler. From the preview, he will get asked, do you love your girlfriend? and also one of his kids asks, have you ever lost one of your kid's education funds on gambling?

I don’t know about this show. I enjoy to a certain extent seeing people squirm. This seems too much, too made up possibly as well. I just don’t understand why you’d want to do this. The personal trainer… if I’m one of his clients, I phone up talk to his boss and the guy I’m sure would be fired quickly. His wife and whoever else will be pissed off at him too and what does he get ??

Also what do you get from lying… with the trainer he answers yes... possibly in trouble at work. He answer no the show tells everyone that’s a lie and he ends up in trouble at work but no money. So why lie??

I also don’t like the fact that they aren’t hooked up to the lie detector - that would be a it better. Then they could show that thing making it’s waves while he’s thinking and when he answers. There’s a good chance I’ll never watch this again, even though the Wednesday night line-up is weak. There’s got to be something better, something that doesn’t make me feel guilty for supporting. Unlike American Gladiators where I suggested checking it out……yeah, don’t waste your time with this one.

Anyway, the night wasn’t a total waste - watched the Raptors BEAT the Celtics. They must have had like 20 turnovers; it was frustrating at times watching them pass to the Celtics. But they also shot the lights out... 100% from the line and I think 15/21 from 3 point land. Pretty good game.


Luke said...

I think I speak for everyone when I say, Writer's Guild of America, please come back soon. We really need you.

B said...

Didn't anything happen in the world of sports today that required a cynical or sarcastic comment? I miss it.