Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Patented Chris-Check

A desperate plea went up from the Sports As Life landscape this morning, searching for a brave soul to actually watch hockey. One man answered the call - longtime supporter CH. You've felt the sting of his patented Chris-Check on the ice, now you can feel it on a semi-irregular basis on Sports As Life. And a-way we go...

I'm here to rescue hockey from the brink of obscurity here at Sports As Life. Hopefully I can do for this blog what Gary Bettman was able to do for hockey in America in '93. One has to ask – if the editor of this site doesn’t watch hockey and is disenchanted with the NFL, what sports is he going to write about? Judging by the comment response of the American Gladiator post, perhaps that could become a weekly feature (shudder – yeah, I know I left 2 of the 15 comments and am equally part of the problem. I also read the Britney Spears gossip on the front page news of and, just like everyone else who complains about her being newsworthy. What’s it to you?). I for one still like hockey and the NHL. There’s a great scoring race happening right now and far more competitive teams than most leagues. My interest is also piqued when the Flames begin playing well, which has kept me happy since the beginning of December.

So what should you expect from this quasi-regular column?

Any updates and hard hockey news can be found on TSN or Sportsnet for 49 minutes out of every hour, beginning at 5am, right on through until noon, so I won’t waste your time with that. I’ll try to write about the stories and opinions that don’t have a voice – like the proliferation of trash talk in the game (What’s acceptable to get an edge? Tips and how-to-guide from a self professed successful amateur), why goonery still has a place in the greatest of all games, or why the Leafs should be removed from the league for 5 years so everyone across Canada can see other teams play and jump ships. Oh yeah, and I’ll fully admit that you will see very Flames biased commentary.

Talk to you soon,

Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Regina Pats/Moose Jaw Warriors alumni game in February. Theoren Fleury just signed up along with Stu Grimson. $10 a ticket – how can you beat that.


Luke said...

Bobby Clarke enjoys your style but thinks you should start acting like a sociopath. He loves that!

Cooper said...

Hold on, there is a Warriors - Pats alumni game? Could we see the likes of Dusty Imoo in this game?

Anonymous said...

Pats/Warriors alumni game.

February 9, 1:30pm Agridome.

Rosters include:
Pats Roster:
Rod Houk, Mike Risdale, Derek Eberle, Kevin Haller, Jeff Helperl, Selmar Odelein, Chris Schlenker, Gord Wappell, Mike Blaisdell, Dale Derkatch, Gary Dickie, Dave Faulkner, Stu Grimson, Mark Janssens, Frank Kovacs, Len Nielsen, Kelly Markwart, Nevin Markwart, Darrin McKechnie, Doug Trapp, Brian Varga, Kurt Wickenheiser. Coaches: Brad Tippett, Al Dumba

Warriors Roster:
Glen Seymour, Darryl Gilmour, Blair Atcheynum, Troy Edwards, Darryl LaPlante, Pat Beauchesne, Derek Kletzel, Mark MacKay, Theoren Fleury, Rob Harvey, Scott Barnstable, David Bararuk, Dayle Wilcox, Milt Mastad, Scott Thomas, Kevin Smyth, Travis Thiessen, Lyle Odelein, Jim McKenzie, Reed Low.

I believe there's also a game in Moose Jaw that weekend as well. Visit to the Crushed Can anyone? For $10 i really can't see why i wouldn't attend this game. Where else can you chastise Lyle Odelein for being the slowest player in NHL '94 for Genesis?


Luke said...

No Esa Tikkanen? C'mon! I don't know about this now.

I'm sure you could probably find Odelein at the Esso station in Quill Lake pretty much any time you wanted.

Walks said...

$10.00 to watch two guys I've heard of before and a bunch of bench warmers. Hmmmm......I might have to skip this one. I really hope Theo isn't to disapointed in the lack of intrest and starts you know drink..drink..glug..glug.


Cooper said...

My last day of work in Nipawin is the 6th so I am all pumped about going to see this game as well as a visit to the crushed can. Lock It Up!

Cooper said...

Hey I worked I roomed with Dayle Wilcox in Rose Valley for a couple weeks. Maybe I can get us some backstage passes

Luke said...

Backstage passes eh? Excellent - maybe I can get Theo to autograph my coke spoon.

Anonymous said...

Theo's "ailments" were never actually published. I think it was sleeping pills or cough syrop. Stop bad mouthing my childhood hero. I'll be there with my Fleury jersey on, hoping to get an autograph on the photo of myself with Theo, roughly two years before his breakdown.

If anyone had bothered to read the most excellent authorized biography "Fury", you'd know he was a troubled youth. That discounts any shenanigans in my opinion. I especially liked the part in the book where he saved Sheldon Kennedy from Graham James, using his magical fire-breath (20 years is officially the amount of time where any subject is no longer considered too soon).


Luke said...

"Ailments"? Was this a Reggie Slack "medical addiction" situation? Just admit it Reggie, it was 'Tussin.

Magical fire-breath eh? Sort of like Space Shuttle Challenger fire-breath? 21 years, look it up - BAM!