Friday, February 1, 2008

Around the Rim

Your intrepid editor has been down with a cold the last few days, and as a result hasn't been able to put two coherent sentences together - not that that's any different than usual. But here's Trebor to save the day with Around the Rim. However, I do have a link for you this morning. You Chris Berman apologists out there might not want to watch, as it will ruin him for you. However, people like me think it's hilarious. So here's Berman flipping his comb-over (there is some strong language in the clip - so if you're at work, make sure you turn the volume way, way up).

So last time I got some flack for saying Noah’s hair is like a known Patty-Mayo. It was much deserved, cause it really wasn’t close - but this week how about this guy. He could be out for the season, so his early season hold-out for more money could be good for him - in the sense that he gets paid for sitting around. Though what are the chances of Cleveland keeping him around now ???

So sticking with the Patty-Mayo. How’s about OJ Mayo... not the best name for someone living in California but hey he is the best player out there period. I mean look at the 1:25 mark he has literally grabbed the sun in the palm of his hands and transformed into a basketball. Either that or ESPN thinks that people need help following the ball. Bright yellow for a shot, blue for a pass. Then at the 3:30 mark after watching all the clips of how great he is I’m reminded of Michael Jordan... maybe OJ is the next one.

I’m really not sure if he's better than Lebron but playing to bigger highschool crowds than Bron Bron does help though. However, the NBA went and changed the rules and now you have to attend 1 year of college, so we have to wait.

OJ signed with USC this past fall and I saw the article about a week ago but now with all the news I can't find it. Apparently he just got caught accepting tickets to a Nuggets game from Carmelo. And with the Reggie Bush thing still hanging over their head, USC might come down on this poor guy. So now Google gives 60 pages on this incident but the one I wanted is lost… the article talked about USC was his choice, he recruited himself. He wanted to play for Tim Floyd but also says he is going to resurrect the PAC-10 and turn USC into a powerhouse. The other reason he wanted to play there was to be in the spotlight and what better place than LA. Though he is eligible for the draft this year, so could be a quick stint with the Trojans

The reason you might remember this guy is because of this little incident. Now the ref clearly got lessons from Ginobili, but this guy’s attitude could be interesting to watch once he reaches the bigtime.

Keeping with college, it is just too funny to let this slide by. I don’t see the problem with making a player suck his thumb, he shouldn’t have been acting like a baby. In my day coach would have made me wear diapers, thrown a bonnet on my head and… I can't continue, the memories are to harsh…

So there is some news, the Grizzlies have released Damon Stoudamire. I wasn’t aware that he was still playing. Anyway, some of you might be saying who? But when I first heard this I was like, Mighty Mouse in on the way …to Boston that is. Check out the 38 sec mark… I thought they only built bridges like that in Quebec. Anyway, Damon was the first ever pick for the Toronto Raptors. He went on to win Rookie of the year and because of his short staus (5’10”) and the tat on his arm, he got the name Mighty Mouse.

Well he got too big for T.O and left to go ???... become the most hated Raptor ever. However, Vince Carter soon followed in the footsteps and took the title. I remember a cheese stick commercial that was done. I’m sure it’s out there and not just a memory in the head. But Youtube could not help me on this one, maybe some readers could help with this.

And because the Mighty Mouse song got stuck in my head and led me astray to numerous clips, here you go. If you do enough searching you can find a great impersonation of Johnny Cash.


Luke said...

The city of Minneapolis thinks people in Quebec are a bunch of sissies:

This is how you collapse a bridge!

Luke said...

Also, is this the great Johnny Cash impersonation you made reference to?

Trebor said...

Wow..after waching possbily the best video ever i can now say Youtube rocks.

the viedo i was thinking of was andy kaufman doing the impersonation.