Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February and the Decline of Sports


Cold, windy, dark… lets just call it a miserable month and be done with it. There really aren’t any redeeming qualities to this month, so why don’t you bundle up on the couch, grab a drink and watch some sports. What’s that you say? The Super Bowl is over and there are no good sports on TV? What about the NBA? What about the NHL? What about college hoops?


That is not to say that these sports are dull all of the time, but this is a time when things really aren’t hitting stride in these respective sports. The NBA has just had their All-Star ‘Game’, which is mildly entertaining but perhaps shouldn’t really be classified as sport (unless you consider wrestling a sport and not sports-entertainment). The NBA doesn’t really get interesting until the last few weeks and the playoffs.

The NHL, well there is a whole host of problems with trying to pass the month by watching hockey (just look at our poor hockey journalist CH, who cries himself to sleep every night wondering and waiting for when hockey will be fun again), and like the NBA, doesn’t really get interesting until close to the playoffs (perhaps if they didn’t play so many damn games these earlier ones might be more interesting… and meaningful). NCAA? Come on, March Madness… need I say more… it isn’t called Fabulous February, geez.

So in light of not having any current sports to talk about this month I thought that I would try and honour a true sports fan who took his own life February 20, 2005. Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. This article is for Mr. Sports As Life, who is locked in his bunker right now waiting for the war to end, and whose journalistic hero is Dr. Thompson. I shan’t rant and rave and try and tell you all about Thompson, I could never do him justice so just read this and bask in his brilliance.

Now that was a man who can write. That was a man who was passionate about sport – and in turn passionate about sports effect on the rest of society. I suggest you follow some of the links to his other articles and just think about the talent that was lost 3 years ago.

Just two other links to remember this day while we try and get through this horrible sports month:

I don’t really like baseball that much, but with Thompson running things it may have been a little more interesting.

Lastly, here is Dr. Thompson himself…

Need I say more? So let us all remember Dr. Thompson and wait until March Madness and the resurrection of sports on TV.

Hunter Stockton Thompson
July 18, 1937 – February 20, 2005


Luke said...

Cripes - three years ago eh?

Nicely done TH.

Anonymous said...

February has given us the cupcake dunk, a hockey throat slash, and most recently a come from behind 5 goal deficit Habs win. Sounds like a good month to me. Just wish i could be home next tuesday for TSN's trade deadline coverage. I still don't understand why they embarass themselves with 18 hours of coverage for a a couple of trades.

That aside, thanks for the Thompson links. Great read.


Anonymous said...

A man trying to mash his face on the backboard while trying to eat a cupcake, and a poor man who got a skate in the throat? Oh, and the best franchise in hockey having a good game...that is one good hockey game for 29 days of the month...impressive, most impressive. Wake me when the excitement is over.


Trebor said...

There's lots going you just have to look for it a bit more.

How about the scott tournament of hearts.. that's even taking place on your home turf. That's got be exciting.

How about the riders... I came back last weekend and found out that they resigned a guy with with 2 bum knees, yet traded away one of the best defensive players in the league for a bag of footballs.

How about golf coming back in full swing, tiger seemingly better than ever. Down by 4 with 5 holes remaining...ah that's nothing how about a challenge.

or for those who like the NFL. Superbowl... Pro bowl.. and starting now the combine..get an early look at this years draft class.

Anonymous said...

If you will notice, I did mention that the superbowl had come and gone and once the biggest event in the NFL season was over then the month just took a nose-dive. But you may have to read the article to get that from it.

As for curling, well, I, like 99% of the worlds population don't follow curling with any degree of knowledge or interest. That is like saying, "wow, the jungle-jim season is in full swing...isn't that exciting?". If you are a curling fan then bully for you.

As for golf, well lets just say that I am usually working and to busy to watch golf, unless it is on the weekend, and then I would rather spend time with friends (and golf is not a communal-watching sport)"hey come on over and we can drink some beer and watch...golf!?!" I just don't see that happening.

Ah, sports offseason. The rider signing/not signing was an interesting phenomenon, but it isn't really what I was talking about...live sports...not sport signings. Sorry. I couldn't even count the NFL combine as sport. As much as I want to see a 5000lbs guy run sprints, I don't think that one should count the combine as live sport. If you want to see the future 1st round draft picks then you may have watched college football last year...or at least tried to get something out of our college football writers articles during the season (I eagerly await Coopers NFL draft special coverage that starts around draft day...plug, plug).

So, jeez that leaves you with the...what, probowl? I think that I made my feelings fairly clear about what I think about 'all-star' showcases like the probowl. They mean nothing...and aren't really even serious sport. Overpaid athletes having a laugh, and we get to watch them play at half speed in a noncompetitive match "neat this must be what it is like in Peyton Mannings back yard when he and all his buddies are having a BBQ"...wow!!!

Seriously, I did look, but I guess I forgot about all those crappy things that were mentioned in the above post. Darn is my face red. Wake me up next month Trebor.


Oh I must say that I watched some EPL this morning, and that is fantastic. Guess I missed that. Boo to me.

And no this response was only semi-serious...the tone was just something that evolved as I wrote...Trebor and I are good friends (although I am going to punch him in the back of the head when I see him next). Yes, good friends.

Also, if one didn't notice that the rant at the beginning of the article was just an intro to write about Dr. Thompson. Geez. I am going to have to get the editor to have a serious word with the NBA/TV guy when he runs out of food in that bunker of his.

Trebor said...

Ouch... I hope you dont actually punch me in the head but c'est la vie.

See last time you wrote something I came close to getting a punch in the back of the head for not commenting, so this time I thought I'd write something.

It should be noted that all the things mentioned I too could care less about maybe my lack of english skillz means the sarcasim intended was not picked up ?????. I really only watch bball these days.

Since I'm typing and fear punches in the back of my head, I was going to comment on the crazy train stuff. However my home computer has crashed and utube is blocked at work, but might as well throw it in.

The clip I wanted to provide to the readers was that of one of the best defensive players in the NFL. His team is lost without him in the middle, however no matter how good he is I will always remember him for this.....

go to you tube type in albert haynesworth. It's the clip of him at an all time low. It looks like he rips off the guys helmet and then cleats the guys head.