Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Around the Rim

So this weekend is the NBA All-Star Game and if it wasn’t for Jamario Moon being in the dunk competition I probably wouldn’t care. These are the guys in the competition:

Rudy Gay, Dwight Howard, Gerald Green, Jamario Moon.

The Dwight Howard dunk from last year was something else. I’m not sure if anyone else can do that but since it’s the first and only time I’ve seen it, I’m assuming not. I watch that and think of the Carter dunk… where he hung from his elbow… the crowd hushed first reaction is: that’s it... then you realize what just happened. That was one of the last times I watched the dunk competition, years past has kind of been… meh, until someone does a 720 who cares.

If I were to watch it would be for the distant hope that jamario wins... and then he turns to the camera and says ‘itsa me Jamario, ima make you a spicy pizza”… just cause. I think Rudy Gay is going to come away with it though not sure why but yeah Gay’s my man, I wonder if Brady Quinn could say such… that’s another topic. As far as the rest of the competitions go ??? who cares, but this guy was really trying to get in and it would be nice to see him get MVP.

So the other thing that’s big news right now is trades. The trade deadline is fast approaching and I think there will be some movement at the end.

We’ve seen Pau Gasol go to the Lakers and make them a favorite. We’ve all heard that Big Daddy Diesel is going to Phoenix, and still not sure about the impact. The other notable move was Utah picking up Kyle Korver, so now the Boodozer can kick it out. Deron Williams could be one of the best point guards but getting a pure shooter will put them in contention this year. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the Warriors picked up Chris Webber and I’m not seeing a big upside for them on this but hey what do I know.

So the West has done everything thus far… and I think the other teams will have to as well. San Antonio has pretty much the same squad (they signed Mighty Mouse last week) as last year. Though they won, who knows… if Horry doesn’t hip check Nash then maybe they don’t even make it out of the 2nd round.

I don’t know what they could do though, Duncan is the Franchise and Parker is the future, maybe Manu… no probably not. Not much else for supporting cast so they may stay the same for another year

Dallas is the next top team and they need help. Dirk has yet to prove himself in the playoffs and they need someone with some toughness. I could see them getting rid of one of their young guards and a F/C, move Howard to small forward and bring in a point guard.

That point guard is Jason Kidd. Mark Cuban has come out and said it’s not going to happen unless there’s a 3rd team involved. But, I don’t know who else is out there that can help them though and with the other teams making moves surely Cuban can see he needs to do something.

Here’s the other thing - apparently Kidd’s agent has now told the Nets that if they send him to a lottery team, he will direct his clients away from New Jersey. I really hope that the media just made this up cause if not... for shame, you go to whoever is paying you. You think Shawn Marion was happy about going to Miami? Well the girls are probably better in Miami, but Phoenix has a shot…But speaking of girls…this has nothing to do with bball but I feel it’s a good read.

Who am I kidding I didn’t read a word. The site has got me feeling guilty about opening it up at work. To stay on topic or something... brain no work properly... I have a new reason to follow the Sacramento Kings, well I still wont but knowing this is out there, well it’s not that shocking… only the fact that the other one isn’t doing that herself. I will make no comment on the opening pic cause I know the other readers are far more witty and I expect something clever…

Anyway back to Dallas needing a point guard. Maybe Sam “I am” Cassell. Recently it came out that he wants the Clippers to buy him out so he can go play with the Celtics. There’s probably a few players out there saying the same thing Sam and this isn’t going to help your cause. Maybe his thought process was If I take out the Celtics point guard they will have to look around to fill the spot… whack

In the East I don’t expect much. Boston, Detroit are at the top and the other teams are more than a few pieces away from competing. The Raptors... I’d like to see them get a center. Andrea is tall, but he plays on the perimeter and they need an inside presence on defense and a rebounder. Could have Calderon handling the rock, Bosh at small forward, andrea at power forward and then have Delfino for scoring or Parker for def.

Marcus Camby is out there, though he already came and left Toronto, but with Denver possibly looking to keep pace with the West, they need someone who can play defence so who knows.

Ed. Note: It appears that Jason Kidd has now been traded to the Dallas Mavericks:


Luke said...

Heya Momma, itsa me... Jamario. I winna da basa-ket-balla dunking show fora you. I comma home ana you makea me somea Cannoli?

I'm 100% certain that he's not actually Italian (being that he's from Alabama) - but I'm also 100% certain that was fun.

I think I'd probably have something to say about those pictures - but I'm sure I'd get fired if I tried to look at them at work.

dwight4prezz said...

Yeah, it'll be hard for Dwight Howard to top last year's dunk, but he seems to be cooking up some pretty sick shit -- I just found this:

The one stunt he does, the mid-air, bounce-off-the-backboard, left-hand-right-hand dunk, that could win him the contest this year.

Cooper said...

So the All-Star game last year was in Vegas and a massive crime wave broke out. So this year they move the game to New Orleans, currently the most violent, crime ridden city in North America. Lets place some odds on what happens this weekend.


Amount of players (NBA or other) arrested 2.5

Amount of sports related homicides .5

Amount of seasons Adam Jones is suspended for after again "making it rain" in a strip club 1.5

What are the odds that Adam Jones is a) Found in a strip club. b) Assaults a patron of said club. c)Is arrested. d) Is found responsible for a homicide.

I for one am predicting that Adam Jones after this weekend will never ever see another NFL game again. There is no way he passes up this weekend.

Luke said...

Dwight... is that you? If so, I'd like to request tickets and airfare to the All-Star Game for the Sports As Life staff.

I'd also like to thank you for anchoring my fantasy team this season. 24 rebounds last night... BAM!