Monday, February 25, 2008

Super Jamario World

Back by popular demand...

Jamario dials the phone...

- Hello, papa? It'sa you baby boy!

- No papa, it'sa nota Giuseppe - itsa you other boy, Jamario.

- Yes papa, I'ma stilla playing the basaketball. I'a play in Toronto witha the Raptors. Do you'a not watcha me play papa?

- Yes papa I know you'a very busy witha the olive oil. Always witha the olive oil.

- No papa, I likea the basaketball - I no wanna come and'a work witha you and'a Giuseppe in'a the olive oil.

- Yes papa, I knowa Giuseppe he'a do very well ina the olive oil. Yes he gotta'a nice little'a place downa by'a the lake. I do'a ok too you knowa papa?

- Is'a mama there papa? Can I'a talk to her'a?

- Bye'a bye papa.

- ....

- Hello mama, it'sa me - Jamario!

- No mama, I no win'a the basaketball dunking show. I trya mama - I jumpa high and spina around but I stilla no wina.

- But it'sa nota my fault mama. Those'a other mena theya cheata - the one'a mana he put up'a the birthday cake'a ona the rim and he blow it'a out whena he dunka the ball. And the other he'a dressa up like'a the Superman and he flya througha the air. Howa cana Jamario compete'a with that? You'a tella me mama.

- Yes mama, I knowa I'a dishonour you'a witha not winning the'a dunking show fora you.

- But mama...

- No, I don'ta see whya this shoulda affecta the cannoli. Yesa mama, I'a see. Goodabye mama.

A dejected Jamario hangs up the phone.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that the minority hiring initiative had gone into effect yet at sportsaslife. This is a proud moment for all of us here at the firm. Now if only we can get a woman to start writing for us...maybe Jamario's mom? She sounds like she has some sass.


Anonymous said...

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And you et an account on Twitter?

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