Monday, August 24, 2009

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Tennessee Titans

Tennessee was 13-3 last year - hard to believe. However, that success will be hard to duplicate.

The bad news for Tennessee: they lost Albert Haynesworth, the best defensive player in the league, to Washington. The silver lining in that is Albert will stop trying, get fat and injure himself - 'cause that's how things work out for Washington's free agents.

The good news for Tennessee: LenDale White is no longer fat, simply from not drinking as much tequila as he used to. Awesome. Even better, the one-two punch of White and Chris Johnson has become some sort of three-headed Hydra thing - the kind from The Mighty Hercules. Javon Ringer, their 5th round pick, has looked really good and will probably add that much more to an already good running game.

The bad news for Tennessee: Kerry Collins is still their quarterback. Which, I suppose, on it's face isn't the end of the world. Collins was very good at doing what the Titans needed - taking care of the ball and not killing the team. Even though he'll be protected by a really good running game, I just can't imagine Collins being as effective as he was last season.

The good news for Tennessee: Vince Young is NOT their quarterback. Bullet dodged Titans' fans, bullet dodged. This guy won Rookie of the Year like two years ago, yeah? And now he's a practicing headcase who can't beat out Kerry Collins for the starting job.

The bad news for Tennessee: They will not dominate the regular season they way they did last season.

The good news for Tennessee: Even without dominating like last year, the Titans should still be able to take a run at Indianapolis for the division title.

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