Friday, August 21, 2009

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Indianapolis Colts

New head coach.

New offensive coordinator.

New defensive coordinator.

Or do they have new coordinators, because the old coordinators are now consultants? I have no idea what the situation is there - I just wanted to see how many times I could type coordinator before I got sick of it. The answer: 5.

Did you realize that Peyton Manning won the MVP last season? I had blissfully blocked that out of my mind apparently - as I was astounded when I read that bit of information last night. If I hadn't already been laying down, this would have literally floored me, as opposed to just figuratively. I just couldn't believe it.

This team seems to be about the same as last year, except for the departure of alleged gun-toting car wash owner Marvin Harrison. But Anthony Gonzalez should be able to step in.

So it's same old Colts: above-average offence and probably a suspect run defence - especially if Bob Sanders is hurt again.

It's Friday and I'm tired of thinking about the Colts, so I'm wrapping this. The Colts should win the AFC South - Tennessee might push them. New head coach or no, Peyton Manning runs that show. And hey - he's the MVP, so the Colts should be fine.

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