Wednesday, August 26, 2009

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Kansas City Chiefs

Hey - remember that youth movement that the Chiefs were focusing on last season? No? Don't worry, the teams doesn't either. Last year was a work-in-progress rebuilding season, in which the Chiefs finished 2-14 but were at least competitive and improving in the second half of the season. But now that's over, gone to scrap heap along with Carl Peterson and noted motivational speaker Herm Edwards.

In comes noted broad-shoulder haver, General Manager Scott Pioli and never-been-a-head-coach-before Todd Haley, who look to give Kansas City a fresh start. They brought in potential one-year-system-quarterback-wonder Matt Cassel to be the franchise quarterback. And that was fine, Kansas City hasn't had a quarterback in the last few seasons - I'm incredibly skeptical about Cassel's ability, but at least they're taking a shot. But then things started to get strange - the other players traded for and signed as free agents were as follows:

Mike Vrabel
Bobby Engram
Terrance Copper
Mike Goff
Zack Thomas
Mike Brown
Amani Toomer
Ashley Lelie

If the me from 2009 could communicate with the me from 2002 and the me from 2009 told the me from 2002 about who the Chiefs just signed, the me from 2002 would be over the moon. Also 2009 me would tell 2002 me that a degree in political science is virtually worthless and to pick another major... but I digress.

The me from 2009 is slightly less excited - in fact, not excited at all. More like curious about how this mad-science experiment will work. The only reliable pass-catcher the Chiefs had, Tony Gonzalez, is gone. Larry Johnson is still a head-case who may or may not want to play in Kansas City. The only reliable player on the offensive line, Brian Waters, is feuding with coaching and management.

And to address all the Chiefs' needs a group of scrap-heap veterans were brought in. Colour me skeptical.

Looking at the Chiefs' schedule, I see only two games they "should" win - Oakland at home and Cleveland at home. Everything else is a crap shoot. I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see Kansas City winning more than 4 games this year.

/begins breathing into paper bag

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Anonymous said...

C'mon buddy, the Bronco's are going to be awful too. Could be 3 wins. Your the Chief Nazi, you toil for your team....