Tuesday, August 11, 2009

32 Teams in 30-some Days: The Baltimore Ravens

What can I say about the Baltimore Ravens that hasn't already been said? Seriously, what can I say about the Ravens? I'm really struggling here.

The big change this season for the Ravens will probably be the loss of defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, who left to become the head coach of the New York Jets. How will the always-solid Ravens defense respond? I suspect fairly well. They may not be as dominant as they were last year but they're still probably a top-5 defense.

As long as the defense doesn't totally implode, the Raven's season will rest on the eyebrows of Joe Flacco. Sophomore slump or comeback of the year...

...and with that, the new all-time low has been reached here at Sports As Life. I know as you read this site you unconsciously think to yourself, "As bad as this crap is, I'm comfortable in the knowledge that he will never stoop to using Fall Out Boy song titles." Well my friends, I have stooped and the day is upon us. Commence with the Mass Hysteria!

Personally, I think Flacco is going to be fine this season. He didn't really have the huge breakout that Matt Ryan did last year. He was steady and didn't lose any games for the Ravens. There's probably going to be some improvement this season.

The Ravens don't have an incredibly difficult schedule this year - they get the AFC West and NFC North. However, aside from having to play Pittsburgh twice the Ravens have games at San Diego and at New England. With only four real tough games, the Ravens should be able to at least challenge the Steelers for the division. Either way, I reckon they're a playoff team this year.


Anonymous said...

Not sure their linebacking core will be as strong this year and the DB's aren't getting any younger, however, I tend to agree with top five D overall. Playing the AFC west certainly advances the playoff cause.

Offence? On the fence on this one. Will take the wait and see attitude. Billick never thought he could win ugly in Baltimore, then he won ugly all the way to the Super Bowl.. It can be done I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Ghostbusters, what a classic eh Napoleon?

" I'm im the middle of something Ray - - Lewis"