Friday, August 31, 2007

Armchair GM

As some of you know I've been asked to start writing for a site called - which I assure you is not a huge deal because anybody can write for them at any time, all you have to do is sign up. However, the problem is that anybody can also edit anything that's posted on the site, which I'm very leery about. I'm afraid that I'm going to write something like, "Jay Cutler could have a monster game this week in Oakland," and someone is going to edit it to say, "Jay Cutler is a monster, he was killing kittens this week in Oakland." And maybe it's a little harsh of me to think that someone would do that, but it's troubling that someone could do that. So I'm asking people to check out the site and see what they think - and hey, if you feel the urge, sign up and start writing yourself.

I think I'll probably put one of my older posts up there this afternoon and see how it goes.

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Trebor said...

Recently I was supposed to be part of a live draft on yahoo sports... However due to a weeding I wasnt able to make the the draft, so I got the sports as life creator to fill in along with an avid reader, pen name TH.

Perhaps in a soon post the event can be written about... (biggest reach, steal of the draft, owner who may have never seen an nfl game before....etc) so all readers can read about how much fun it is and next year a draft can be had with all of us. Also the team could be posted, cause it is a strong team one that should contend. One more note, there was one pick that may have looked stupid at first... I got them to select Kenton Keith with the last pick... but now ....hoorah

If it's wanted I'll post standing every once and while maybe even some last minute calls on who to start at wr or rb.

Tomorrow is the draft which isn't live but there are a few readers in that league and talk of that can be done.