Sunday, August 5, 2007

Some Light Holiday Blogging

No, I'm not talking about Saskatchewan Day - which I'm pretty sure was just created so that government employees would have a better excuse for a 4 day weekend.

I'm talking about the fact that I'm on holidays right now and tomorrow I'm headed to the vacation hotspot of Nipawin, Saskatchewan - I'm all kinds of fired up about possibly participating in the Great Northern Pike Festival.

I'm also all kinds of fired up about the 4 day break from my neighbours, Mr. and Mrs. Domestic Disturbance - don't you guys go killing each other while I'm gone. Also don't steal any of my stuff.

Because I'm hoping to spend as much time away from my computer as possible over the next 4 days, don't expect too many posts in the coming week. Keep an eye out on's sports page on Tuesday though. I've been asked to contribute to a Roughrider roundtable blog - so we'll see if that materializes or what it turns out like.

But to tide you over for the week, I've got some quick thoughts for you.

First about the Roughrider game from Thursday night:

...Ok, even if you are a hardcore Rider fan or CFL fan, there is no way you can say with a straight face that was an exciting game to watch. By halfway through the second quarter I was busy working on my NFL fantasy team.

...Luca Congi is slowly (or quickly) kicking himself out of a job. I don't know how many 20 yard field goals you can miss and still be a professional kicker. Apparently his field goal range is 40 yards and over.

...Danny McManus needs to have his intelligence tested - I'm serious. I'm hoping Rob Vanstone was being sarcastic in Friday's Leader Post when he complimented McManus' colour commentary. There is nothing enlightening or intelligent about McManus' work in the TSN booth. He generally comes up with insights like, "He came here to play football tonight and boy, is he ever!" Fantastic.

...Not to be outdone by McManus, Rod Black came up with this gem of a nickname for Kerry Joseph - "K Jo". Nice work as always gentlemen.

...Was B.C running back Joe Smith too injured to touch the ball during the game? What other explanation is there for the best running back in the league not even getting 10 carries in a game with a quarterback making his first career start. This was one of the most baffling coaching decisions I've ever seen.

...Enough Rider talk.

...Well Barry Bonds tied the most hallowed record in baseball last night. Couldn't have happened to a worse person. Don't worry, A-Rod will break the all-time home run record within 6 years. He is just slightly more likeable than Bonds.

...Is David Beckham actually going to play soccer for the L.A Galaxy at some point? This is turning into the sports story dud of the year. $250 million for him to sit on the bench - money well spent.

...Having played the Nintendo Wii for the first time this weekend, I think I can safely say that it is single-handedly going to solve the obesity problem in today's kids. That might be overshadowed though by the tremendous number of injuries it is going to cause in today's over-competitive adults. After only playing it for a short while, I think I already need massive reconstructive rotator cuff surgery - and probably Tommy John surgery too.

...Finally congratulations to loyal reader Walks on his wedding yesterday. Sorry that the Sports As Life staff couldn't be there but we wish you guys all the best.

That is all.

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