Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Headlines


If TSN's CFL coverage was a horse, it would have been shot 3 weeks ago. This week only proved this point beyond a shadow of a doubt. The decision was made by TSN to NOT show the beginning of the Saskatchewan - Toronto game at 7pm eastern. Instead they stayed with the end of the second round coverage from the PGA Championship. THE SECOND ROUND OF THE PGA! - the slow-witted half-brother of golf's 3 other majors. Sure glad I got to see Tiger Woods tap in for par.

To say the camera work for TSN has been third-rate is an insult to third-rate cameramen. I can't count the number of times a punt returner has zoomed through the frame because the cameraman lost the ball in the air or couldn't find the returner. Also, play action is designed to fool defences, not the people filming the game.

And oh the commentators - who I think I've said enough about already in previous posts. But one thing I want to add - I would love to watch a game where I'm not being talked to like a 6 year old. Is it to much to ask to for announcers to call the game like they assume that their audience is even a little familiar with football? If TSN explains to me one more time why a running game is important or what the benefits of a screen-pass are, I think I'm going to lose it.


...about the fact that we no longer have to here about Barry Bonds.

Want to actually read an interesting story about Major League Baseball? If you haven't heard about Rick Ankiel yet, read this. He hit a 3-run home run in his first game as a major league outfielder, after washing out of the league years ago as a pitcher with monstrous control problems. Oh, Ankiel hit 2 more home runs the next night too.


If one more person tells me how great the City and Colour show at the after party was on Friday night - I'm going to go jump in traffic. I'm serious - don't talk to me about this anymore.

Never again.


The Sports As Life crew are looking for 2-3 people interested in participating in some fantasy football this fall/winter. Anybody reading this is eligible to join as long as you meet the following criteria:

- you must have more than a casual interest/knowledge of the NFL.

- you must commit to playing until the season ends in December. No giving up on the season because you happen to be 2-8 in Week 10.

- you must not actively pursue shady trades or any other shenanigans.

- you must have a sense of humour.

- you must not be easily offended - if my current team name, "Now With 15% Less Dogfighting" puts you off - you need not apply. Note: my team name is a bastardized version of what I really wanted: "Michael Vick's Stupid Pet Tricks - Now With 15% Less Dogfighting". However, space limitations forced me to edit it.

And I think that's about all the necessary requirements, so if you're interested leave a comment on the blog or send an email to: Or if you know my personal email address, send me one there.

With only 3 weeks until NFL season starts, the sooner you reply the better.

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Anonymous said...

I am probably alone on this...but if they had changed from the second round coverage of the PGA championship to the Rider game, I would have been Pissed. Tiger was putting for the lowest ever round in a Major (62)...which he blew. Although that may seem like a pretty trivial stat/ is a million times bigger than the start of the crappy Rider game.

When I spend 5 hours watching golf, they better show the last 5 mintues when history might be made or what kind of network would they be. I agree TSN is brutal....but I think you should retract this complaint.

To summarize:

Rider Game vs. Second Round PGA Champioship coverage....Winner is PGA.

- JK