Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back to Civilization

Hello sports fans, I am back from the thriving metropolis of Nipawin, Saskatchewan.

No big posts today - I'm much too tired for that. But the Roughrider Roundtable blog is now up on So if you haven't checked that out, make sure to do so.

Possibly more tomorrow.

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Trebor said...

I checked out the round table on wed. and I remember a few things that i wanted to comment on...

I hope K-Jo sticks, that way T-He can be used or maybe T-Her.... either way.

your answers i felt added something to the roundtable... the other posts were.... boring.. their attempt at humor was well....??? the shot at vanstone and then the paragraph explaining the shot...nice

But besides the fact that we have a oredigger on the team... i didn't know yo murphys history. The one blogger said he played and won at the highest level of NFL... so onto the net I went and I feel the need to pass along some info i found out. First of all his name is actualy Llewellyn Murphy... so yeah we'll just say Yo.. second he was world bowl mvp for the scottish claymores, in 1996. played with the vikings and bucs next before going to the XFL. In 2001-02 he played for St. louis ' the greates show on turf' when they did make it to the bowl but lost to the pats. In that game he had 1 rec for 11 yds and 3 kickoff ret. for 81. During the season his stats were 0 rec, but was team leader with a 21.8 avg return on kick offs (8 total), trung canidate was the main kickoff guy though. I orginally went out thinking this guy was incorrect with his remark.. and though I wouldn't say Yo has won at the highest level he was a part of a superbowl team. so not sure.... technically he's right but....