Friday, August 17, 2007

The Links

As upset as I am with the Regina Folk Festival (and oh yes, I still am - all is not forgiven), there were some pretty good moments - and there are even some videos. So this week's Links are Regina Folk Fest video's.

...It's really too bad that this isn't a full clip - because A) 'Try' is my favorite Blue Rodeo song and B) this was a pretty phenomenal version, even if Sara Slean did F up the words a little bit.

...Here is Amy Millan with Blue Rodeo doing a song Leadbelly put on the map - although most people know the Nirvana version. Those I was with thought she had a couple cocktails in her at this point in the show.

...Clearly there is a pattern forming here - here's Blue Rodeo letting the crowd sing the first bits of Hasn't Hit Me Yet.

...One last Blue Rodeo clip (it was a truly great show), with Sara Slean again - doing a Tom Waits cover.

...Here's the guy that always steals the show in my opinion - Buck 65.

...This is a clip from a couple years ago, the 2005 Folk Fest to be exact. I'm putting it up because he's a friend of a friend and he'll be performing at next year's Folk Fest - so I'm starting an early buzz.

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Anonymous said...

With the last clip showing Jesse Mathesons of early Folk Fest preformances you'll be astounded by the growth he's made. His recent appearance on CBC's radio 3 as artist of the week is only his most recent success but be sure to check it out. Can't wait to see him at next year's Folk Fest, oh man it's gonna be good.

-The friend of a friend, Mr. Mayo.