Thursday, August 2, 2007

Artist of the Week

This week's Artist is a repeat, sort of... I know put up one of his clips in the Links previously. However, this week he's making the jump to the big show.

His name is Cas Haley, a reggae/roots musician from Texas who also happens to currently be on America's Got Talent. To combat the problem of having to watch him on reality TV, I've got an excellent system worked out. My Significant Other watches the show and then lets me know when he's on so that I can see him and only him. Good deal.

This is a clip of him doing Walking on the Moon by the Police. I know I've put this one up before but it's so good it deserves another look.

And this is him doing Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson. Brings back fond memories of Ghostbusters 2 - as the song was the best part of that movie.

Here is the Myspace page for his actual band called Woodbelly.

If there was ever a person that would make me call in and vote on a reality program, he would be that person.

1 comment:

trebor said...

this is actually a show that i don't watch, will flip by occasionally though so I may not not the story behind the guy, with that said..... are you saying you don't like watching the guy that dresses like a girl and does belly dancing ??? should pass this along to your sig. other so she can play a trick on you make you tune it to watch this act.