Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday Headlines (on Tuesday)


Were you aware of it? Yesterday and tomorrow are the only two days of the year on which no professional sports are played in the United States and Canada. Apparently the day before and after the MLB All-Star game are the only two that don't have any pro sports. That's kind of frightening isn't it - 363 days a year you can turn on your television and find a game to lose yourself in. But it does keep people like me in business, so who am I to complain?


As some of you know, Mysask.com held a contest to find an Official Roughrider Blogger and I was disqualified because of affiliation with SaskTel. However, despite me being ineligible Mysask decided to go on with the contest anyway and the winner was Devin Heroux. You can check out his blogs here. I'm not including the link to hate on the kid (trust me, that's happening enough as it is - this kid is getting lit up like a Christmas tree, check out the comments people have been leaving if you don't believe me) but people should be aware of what else is out there for Rider coverage. In my own personal opinion his stuff reads like a Junior High book report but I'll still give him credit for getting out there and saying what he has to say.


This is a related item to the above headline. As part of their Official Roughrider Blog Contest, it looks like Mysask is going to be adding links to other Saskatchewan-based sports blogs. And as one such blog, Sports As Life has been asked to be a part of that. When and if that is actually going to happen we're not sure. But it looks like Sports As Life might be up on Mysask.com even without the Official Roughrider Blogger title. So we're all excited about that here.... perhaps I shouldn't have brought this up until it actually happens.


In case you hadn't heard, the radio station sponsored hot tub that was a fixture in the south end zone of Taylor Field for many years has been removed. All of this was done in an effort to make Taylor Field more 'family friendly'. Say what you will about this move (a little over the top, no?) but at least Taylor Field is still a stadium where you can yell at Miss Teen Saskatchewan, "Lay off the Beta Carotene!" (trust me, she was orange)


As tough as it's been to get used to the Roughriders' play through the first two weeks of the season, it's been the departures of Charles Thomas and Jason French that I'm really struggling to adjust to. Those were my go-to guys and now I've got nobody. Through the first two weeks a front runner for the new whipping boy hasn't even emerged, so as of right now I'm still taking applications. After the Montreal game I thought D.J Flick might be the guy and even though he was inconsistent against Calgary too, that touchdown catch he made on Sunday I think has taken his name off the list. So the search continues. I suppose in a perfect world nobody would come out and claim the job - but how much fun is that?


chris said...

Not much to say except that I am reader 1000!!! Been there since the beginning. My comments have been few and far between during recent vacationing, and will continue to be so for another week, but it still feels good to be the first in 4 digits.

Go riders...and oh yeah, i vote for endzone seating every time calgary comes to town. Dales is a damn good kicker, but i think we're getting close to breaking him.

trebor said...

Damm i wanted to be 1000, but forgot to check in yesterday..oh well.

Glad to hear the endzone seats were good... the sec beside the ol university.. not so much. Maybe it was the fact that i drove 3.5 hrs for the game after getting 7 hrs sleep the entire weekend. maybe it was the guy with the giant horn sitting beside me... maybe it was the utter disprepect for people wearing red. I understand if you come to taylor field wearing an opposing team color you deserve some jeers and some rude comments, but to have a guy in his early 60's get seeds and such thrown at him, and then it get to the point where fellow rider fans have to tell the stupid few to just shut up already... maybe i'm just to old for that section now.

The one thing that i wanted to let readers know of was the concessions. we left a few minutes before half to get a burger a couple drinks and fries. We get there to find that they have no fries...um okay it was busy can understand...they also have a 10-15 minute wait on burgers....ok this is getting kind of stupid... what could possibly be the busiest time of the game they have no burgers or fries. We ended up buying a drink and then just for the hell of it walked to the west end concession... they actually had food and it was cheaper. A drink on the east side 3.50, the one on the west 3.00. How does that make sense ???

the game... good result...so had to have been a good game. though during the first half I made the comment a couple of times "this is the punter we brought in to replace congi ????" especailly when the 300 pnd rider was able to outrun the punt only to get hit in the back of the head.