Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday Headlines (on Tuesday)

Because of yesterday's monstrous Rider post I decided to keep the Headlines till today - I wouldn't want you guys to get spoiled.


Did you happen to hear Kerry Joseph's reasoning for why the Saskatchewan offence faltered in the second half of Friday's game? He said it was because Edmonton switched from man-to-man defence to zone defence - and I quote, "They played a lot of man in the first half and all of a sudden in the second half were playing zone." (from the Leader-Post) Yikes. Does that give you any confidence at all? Would you want a quarterback that can't recognize and adjust to a zone defence? From 15 years of playing various football video games I can differentiate between zone and man - and know what works against each one. Now obviously it's a totally different story when you're actually on a football field. But come on, you're a professional quarterback - these are things they've gotta teach you on day one.


One thing I failed to mention in my NBA post on Friday was the impact the referee scandal is going to have on the fans. Sure it will give credence to every NBA conspiracy ever spouted. But there are fans out there that got legitimately screwed by this guy. I submit this video for your approval (thanks to JK for passing it along). This has to be definitive proof of something shady happening in the Suns - Spurs series this year. There is no other explanation for this. Watch the first call of the clip, Donaghy makes a cross-court, behind the play call - as JK said, that's one of the major officiating rules, if you're behind and on the other side of the play, you can't make a call - it's not yours to make, you're simply not in position. Don't forget too that Donaghy worked the Raptors final game of the season - a one point loss to New Jersey in Game 6 of their first round playoff series. Bears keeping in mind.


Police in Toronto apparently decided to avenge Canada's loss to the Chilean team in the Under 20 World Cup by beating them senseless. It seems that the police prevented some members of the Chilean team from getting to their own fans and then a melee broke out and police clubbed, handcuffed, pepper sprayed, and Tasered them (not necessarily in that order). That's a pretty big black eye on a tournament that otherwise seemed to be a big success. I honestly didn't watch any of it, probably for the same reasons that I can't get into junior hockey - it's slower and less skilled than the professional games. And apparently there was a lot of flopping in the final (which I also can't stand) - Trevor called the final "the U-20 Diving Competition."


Seriously, for a guy who has never won anything, is anybody more over-hyped than Sergio Garcia? And I like the guy. I didn't get to watch much of the final round of The Open (that's the British Open to people who don't know), as Harry Potter was taking up much of my time, but what I did see was pretty exciting. Isn't it infinitely more exciting to see guys making birdies and eagles down the stretch instead of struggling to make par like at the U.S Open and even the Masters. I'd much rather see two guys duelling down the back nine with birdies and eagles than two guys just trying to outlast each other with pars and bogeys. Although the U.S Open is kind of funny to watch just to see the best golfers in the world brought to their knees - but the course set ups are usually pretty unfair.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick "told ya so" to Trebor about "he who shall not be named" in the football world. I told you they wouldn't let him play and Goodell telling him to stay away from training camp until the NFL has reviewed the charges is the first step of the NFL washing their hands of this horrible case.
Next will be the team asking him to take a leave of absence until the case is resolved...trust me, I looked into my crystal ball this morning.
Oh and sorry for bringing this up, I know no one wants to talk about it, but it is not often that I am right about anything in the sporting world (especially the NFL).
P.S. I hope you noticed that I didn't actually mention his name...I just alluded to him.

trebor said...

I just read bill simmons long long article about the state of the NBA and he mentioned the nets 1 point victory over the raptors, is it in questions ??? glad to see it mentioned in the blog here.

As for what's the addiadas name 'zoom'... all i've seen is that he can't go to training camp and I fully suspect a suspension will follow. Maybe the falcons ask him to sit out maybe not ??? but before this news, he would go 3rd maybe 4th round in my league(16 teams so a top 50 pick). Now of course he drops but if he does have the opportunity to play he will still be a top tier qb. It's the end of the season that matters not the beginning, which is why chris henry will be chosen before some starting #2 wr's.

trebor said...

damm chubby fingers and not thinking my posts through.... as for the one that adidas named 'zoom'. It made sense intially so that i wouldn't have to say the unnamed one but it came out with the wrong words ???

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to point out that if you watch the baseline replay of the first call in the Suns vs. Spurs clip, you can see that there are about 3 players in between Donaghy and the foul. What the hell? Unless they were wearing invisibility cloaks (that is the first and last Harry Potter reference I will ever make), then how the hell can he make the call. There is better reffing in Quidditch....damn it, that is the last one...Seriously...Sirius Black...ahhhhhhh

- JK

trebor said...

Just watched the video... wow. that first one was a good clip, though you could make the arguement that from behind it looked like maybe raja followed thorugh with the hack and din't pull up ??? however the one at 6:20 is the one that i thought was the best even though it didn't involve donaghy.... Rush is standing 6 ft away from nash when horry slaps his arms.

I enojy watching basketball and never bought into the conspiracy that certain games are fixed or teams given preferential treatment..even after seeing the ...1986 draft lottery... but with the report that others are being investigaated... if there is more than one then this league is in a world of hurt... maybe not as much as NHL but pretty bad.

Mitch said...

I missed the final U20, but really the whole tournament was pretty good watching. It isn't too often that you can watch a game where five empty break-aways occur in 10 minutes of play (the USA had a non-existent defense). And good for Toronto Metro for doing what they've been known for in the past. Respect through fear. Strength through discipline, strength through action.

I'm just not sure how attempts to invoke fear in all foreigners will work out for the city of Toronto in this day and age. I am more for instilling fear in a general sense. If you're going to target someone, why not make it hippies?