Friday, July 6, 2007

The Links

I didn't post the Links last week because quite frankly I didn't have any. But I think I've got a few this week, and I know how much everyone loves them. So here we go...

- Put this in the category of game shows I want to be a part of. I would travel to Japan just to participate.

- I can't remember if I've linked this before or not but even if I have it's still pretty ingenious. I think I see a theme developing.

- And this one as well, same as above, I may have linked it previously. But it reminds me of a simpler time. Plus it goes with today's theme.

- I'd like People Who Have Too Much Time On Their Hands for 1000 Alex. Wow.

- Say what you will about me for putting this video up, you know you laughed.

1 comment:

Mitch said...

Wow; that's all I can say. Japanese Tetris was the only one that I could make it completely through. I can't believe the WoW one made it 2 and a half minutes. I just couldn't look away.