Friday, July 20, 2007

The Links

Well it looks like the pressure I put on Nike yesterday, in regards to Mike Vick's new shoe, has worked (let's all pretend that's possible for a second). Nike has announced that they're going to suspend the release of the Air Zoom Vick V. You can get more details from

So this weeks theme is things that have blown up, in light of Nike's marketing campaign blowing up...

... and because I came across this video yesterday, of a giant (dead) whale being blown up with dynamite. It's all fun and games till those pieces of whale start falling from the sky.

... if I had a talk show Richard Simmons would be on twice a week.

... I swear I will put up Letterman clips all day long if you let me. I'd like to know who the poor sap is that first figured out this Mentos and Diet Coke thing. One day he was eating a mint and decided to wash it down with some diet soda and then all of a sudden his mouth is exploding.

... let's just pretend that something blows up in this video cause I gotta put it up. I'm assuming this game show is sponsored by Swiffer. And apparently they stuff a rag soaked in ammonia in your face when you lose.

... genius at work.

... not really related to anything today but Trevor sent this link last night and I figured I'd pass it along. I'm not sure I can ever match that pace, regardless of how sensational my headlines become.

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